Happy Halloween! This year we’re checking out last year’s ComicFest box set featuring the Marvel Villain Zombies. This year we’re getting another Zombie Villain set for ComicFest (hopefully it will be a yearly thing now). So have fun, be safe out there and hope everyone gets lots of candy! 




The packaging is the tall window box with control art of Zombie Magneto at the top and “Villain Zombies Collection” logo in the middle. The 2013 ComicFest exclusive logo is in the upper right. The sides have control art of the four figures. On the back is a mini-bio of the Marvel Zombie universe along with a group picture of all figures in this box.


The Figures

Zombie Magneto

VZ08 VZ09

Magneto had a great arc in the Zombie series, so he’s a perfect pick to have as the feature figure in this set and on the box. We’ve seen the heroes so now we get the villains.
VZ10 VZ11
He comes with a top quality helmet and the paint apps are immaculate. They’ve also included a spare white hairpiece. He has a great zombie face with sharp details for his mouth and eye. The Marvel Zombie series relied heavily on the dark shadows in the middle of their face for the zombies so that is what you see on all the figures.
VZ12 VZ13
He comes with a his cape that fits over his shoulders with nice details for the bolts on the front along with purple gauntlets and boot tops. His torso is a base clear plastic with sculpted chunks torn out on the side. The paint details are very good and especially creepy showing his spine. There’s also a bit of worn details on his arms and legs.
For accessories he comes with a flight base and two purple hand blasts. The only problem with the blasts are you need to remove his gauntlets for them to fit right on his hands.
Magneto and Spider-Man are my two favorite characters from the series and they’re also my two favorite minimate Marvel Zombies.

MMC Score – 9.5 out of 10

Zombie Galactus


This is not what happened in the series, he got eaten rather than turned. But I don’t mind, I’ll take a zombie version of a great figure.
VZ04 VZ05
Galactus is the same sculpt as was released in the Heralds Box Set. The difference is the darker colors along with dark scrapes here and there. He has a really cool zombie face and even chest detail on his main torso. On my figure’s helmet there is a tiny extra piece of plastic flaking off that is attached to his chin; makes him look like he has a zombie tongue!
For accessories he has an asteroid base with clear flight stand. No Silver Surfer attachment is included but he does still have the slots in his torso cover so you could use the one from his previous release.
A rewrite is in order because we need to see a Zombie Galactus in the comics since he makes a great figure.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10

Zombie Green Goblin

VZ25 VZ26

In my opinion, the Green Goblin was already a scary looking character. Zombie version, doubly so!
VZ27 VZ28 VZ29
They’ve done a great job with reusing the best sculpts of the characters and mixing in some Walking Dead sculpted parts too. We’ve seen Goblin’s long cap piece and Norman’s hairpiece before. It’s nice to get both Goblin zombie face and Norman’s zombie face. Of the two Norman’s is actually scarier looking; love the detail around his mouth.
The rest are the buccaneer cuffs, boots and pouch are reuses. His left leg we’ve seen in the Walking Dead line with part of his flesh torn away and bone showing. Lots of detail all around for zombie flesh.
He comes with a pumpkin bomb hand and his goblin flier. The flight base is a wonderful slimy sewer water color.

Another great addition to the Marvel Zombie horde!

MMC Score – 9 out of 10

Zombie Red Skull


Red Skull’s face has already been zombie-like in appearance but leaving out the color in his eyes makes him look even creepier. What is really nice about this figure is his outfit is they included a spare set of arms so you could have a regular version of Red Skull (just need a regular head). No zombie details have been included on his base figure but rather zombie appendages to swap in. He comes with two partial arm pieces and also comes with an entrails attachment.
VZ18 VZ17 VZ19
Not that a zombie needs them but he comes with a grey rifle and handgun. The handgun fits snug in his belt holster and the rifle has a peghole that attaches on the belt around his torso. All the extras make him a great figure for customizing other zombies.

He’s another good addition and good for all the extras.


MMC Score – 8 out of 10


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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