Marvel Zombies eh? It used to be an insult levelled at X-Men and Avengers fans. Now it’s a wildly successful set of mini-series written by Robert Kirkman. Zombies are back, the living dead are the future and DST have embraced that future in a big way. This two-pack was exclusive to the 2007 San Diego Comic Con. It served as a taster (heh!) to the Marvel Zombies box set released in the last quarter of 2007.


The box is a transition between the old style carton and the new. While the shape is the basic box style as seen on Marvel waves 4 through to 13, the graphics are laid out in the current style. The pictures of the Minimates take up the entire front of the box with various logos, including those of Marvel Zombies and the San Diego Comic Con placed around the edges. The names ofthe characters are picked out in a suitably blood chilling font. The porthole-style pictures that used to be on the box flaps have been replaced with full length photo’s of the characters, Daredevil one side, Giant Man the other. On the back is a nice piece of Arthur Suydam artwork (the guy who’s done all the Marvel Zombies comic covers) and a puff piece for the Marvel Zombies line which according to the blurb should have arrived in the summer of 2007.The print on the back is in a kind of old fashioned pointillist style which is extremely effective. Unfortunately my camera hasn’t managed to pick up that level of detail.


The Figures

Zombie Daredevil


So Matt Murdock gets himself bitten by a zombie… Didn’t see that coming did he?


This is a standard Daredevil body with a couple of nifty twists along the way. The mask piece is suitably battered and scuzzy looking, something I’ve only just noticed is the slight bumps on the sides of the mask that indicate where DD’s ears would be. I don’t know if it’s always been there or if this means the mask is a new sculpt but it’s still a nice touch. [Ed:- The mask is new as it has a peg hole] Remove the mask and prepare to be in awe. Someone at Art Asylum has had a hell of a lot of fun with this guy. The mouth is excellent, those teeth are terrifying. Matt Murdock’s white eyes are surrounded by darkness which gives him a really frightening visage. He looks more pissed off than hungry but let’s face it either way you wouldn’t want to bump into him. I’m really pleased to see the hair detail. It’s something that should be done on all ‘mates with this type of mask. If costs won’t allow a hairpiece then at least paint some on. A really nice touch and not before time.


The body is fairly standard, but the chest block’s been cast in clear plastic and painted over. This allows the designer to really go to town on the detailing. Zombie Daredevil’s got a hole the size of a fist through the centre of his chest which shows off his fragmented ribs and what’s left of his spine. How does he stand up without a spine? Zombie juice I guess. The concept of using clear blocks is a work of genius, but slightly flawed on this ‘mate due to the interior post hole running up the inside of the chest. This obscures the light as it passes through so a small amount of the intended effect is lost. Daredevil’s costume is as tatty and scuzzy as his mask, there are scuff marks all over it and these really add to the oozing zombie disgustingness of this figure.


Zombie Daredevil comes with his usual billy club accessories. He has C3 feet and a peg hole in his head.

In conclusion, this figure looks disgusting but then it’s supposed to look disgusting. This is without doubt a quality Minimate.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10



Zombie Giant Man


Okay let’s get the inevitable out of the way. Yes, it is Giant Man. Yes he is only two inches tall. In fact because of his lack of belt or mask pieces he’s actually smaller than a lot of other Minimates. Licensing restrictions suck but we all have to live with them. One thing about Zombie Giant Man in the comics really bugs me. Why does he stay giant? Surely he’d have to eat more? Sensible Pym particle enabled Zombies would surely shrink down to Ant-Man proportions and have a feast!


Now we’re over the whole ‘ha ha Giant Man’s tiny’ thing let’s check out the Minimate. I think it’s another winner. The look of this ‘mate is great. I love the way DST have used black on the faces of these zombie ‘mates to accentuate the eyes and mouth. It really does give off a creepy vibe. Giant Man’s antennae are painted on rather than additional pieces which is a bit of a shame. It’s also a shame that he wasn’t given a Bullseye-style removeable mask. That’s not to say the mask hasn’t been well done, but it would have been nice to have had a zombie Hank Pym in the same style as Zombie Matt Murdoch. Detailing on the mask is good, it’s looking worn and scuzzy just like it ought to. The rectangular prints on the side of the mask are symmetrical and cleanly applied. I suppose I could complain that’s there’s no scuzz detail on them… But I won’t.


The body is a plain Minimate body. It’s cast in white plastic and then painted which gives a nice consistent finish to the costume. There’s lots of black on the chest which I’m assuming is for muscle definition? There are hints of zombie scuzziness here and there but it’s nowhere near as heavy as on Zombie Daredevil. The V detail on the chest is well applied and while it’s slightly lost among the black muscle detailing it is much clearer on the back of the ‘mate. There’s very little scuzz on the arms and where it’s been applied to the wrist section of the gloves it detracts from the blue detailing that extends up the arms. The trunk sections on the top of the legs look a touch asymmetric and the black detailing on the t-piece jars with the light blue of the trunks. There is more scuzz detailing to the legs and the pattern at the top of the boots is nicely applied.

Giant Man has no accessories, he has C3 feet and a solid head. No peg hole for this guy.

In conclusion, a separate mask piece would have really set this Minimate off. It’s still a good figure as long as you allow yourself to get over Giant Man being tiny.


MMC Score – 7 out of 10


Review and pictures by Stewart Kay

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