Here we have the last set in the recent Zombie-themed run of Minimates that began with the 2007 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Zombie Daredevil and Giant Man and then a very well-received Marvel Zombies boxset which was released in the last quarter of 2007. The sets were all based on the very popular Marvel Zombies comic series and have given fans an interesting take on their favourite characters.


The box is the larger one as seen on the new Marvel waves, meaning the 3 “Zombie” sets all have differing boxes. I still love the small Marvel boxes but will agree the larger ones get a chance to show off the Minimates better. The style is identical to the previous two, with intentionally scuffed-up edges and worn looking cardboard, and great lettering. Big pictures of each adorn the sides, and it’s nice to see that both masked and unmasked looks are seen on the packaging. As these are the new-style boxes, the two figures get a brief bio on the back, something I think is great as it gives any casual fan an immediate idea of who the characters are.


The Figures

Zombie Attacked Black Panther


Black Panther didn’t actually get infected by the zombie-virus that swept through the superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Instead, he was kept by Giant Man as a nice source of fresh meat whenever he needed a snack. Poor T’Challa!


The head has been done very well. As Black Panther’s mask is all ragged, it’s a full piece that fits completely over the head rather than being a Captain America-style mask piece. Think how DCD are doing the new Batman Minimate as an example. This allows for a nice bit of detailing on the mask. Remove it and there’s T’Challa’s whole face, still looking quite scared and who can blame the guy really?

ZombieBlackPanther4 ZombieBlackPanther3

Because Giant Man has been snacking on him, Black Panther has a pretty unique body look. His torso is bare with some nice muscle definition on the front as well as some detailing on the back (shoulder blades etc). He also has a couple of unique pieces. First, where his arm has been taken from the elbow, he has a crutch bandaged to his upper arm. This is a nicely sculpted and detailed piece that allows a lot of movement because it’s attached to the ball-jointed shoulder in the usual way. The crutch is long enough to balance him realistically. Black Panther also lost a foot to the hunger of Giant Man, and therefore his right ankle doesn’t have a foot piece, it has a bandage that plugs into the ankle hole. This is again well detailed with dark blood staining the bandages.


If you don’t count the facemask as an accessory, then Black Panther doesn’t come with anything, however that’s not a big problem because he has some unique pieces for his body. Initially the plan was to give Black Panther two extra “normal” limbs so that you could have him as a regular Minimate but this idea must’ve been nixed for cost purposes.

In conclusion, this figure is a great addition to the Zombie Minimates as the lone survivor.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10



Zombie Iron Man


Zombie Iron Man was one of the ringleaders of the Marvel Zombie hordes so it’s great to see him in this set. It’s also an Iron Man armour that we haven’t seen in “regular” waves, and you really can’t have too many armours.


The helmet and face has some positives and some negatives (that pretty much encapsulates the whole Minimate). First off, the sculpting and detailing is exceptional. I love the slits for the eyes and mouth and the white/black paint to accentuate them. It really gives the helmet a sense of “depth” to it that’s sometimes lacking with helmeted characters. The helmet itself kind of clips on to the sides of the head block. I say “kind of” because it doesn’t really attach well and feels more like the points are just resting near the holes rather than in them. The helmet itself doesn’t pivot upwards, even though it looks like it does. Any shots you see of the mask on top of Iron Man’s head, it’s just balanced on. Not a massive problem but not a very elegant solution. The detailing underneath the mask is also good, with Tony Stark exhibiting the same zombie-fevered manic expression as his undead peers. His white eyes seem like slits against his dark face and fang-filled cadaverous smile.


As with the other zombies, Iron Man is one messy puppy. There are black marks all over the front of the armour and down the legs in keeping with the detailing of the others. However, the arms are free from zombieness. This isn’t quite as jarring as when you see thsi Minimate from the back. The back of the torso block has no detailing whatsoever (zombie or otherwise) whilst the back of the legs still do. The back of the helmet is similarly scuzz-free. Bizarre.


Iron Man has no accessories, but he does get C3 feet and a solid head with no peg hole. I’m surprised this Iron Man didn’t come with a “repulsor hand” like the others did.

In conclusion, another solid addition to the Marvel Zombie horde. Some problems with it stop me giving a higher score.


MMC Score – 7 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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