As noted in my first Rock review, Art Asylum had a somewhat bizarre choice of licenses, including the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon license. Thematically, it makes some sense as they already had the Bruce Lee license too, but still. There were 4 figures in the opening wave (and a second wave of 4 was planned) but as usual for the Art Asylum of 2002, only one wave made retail.


The set of CTHD Minimates I acquired from eBay came loose, without the packaging. Thanks to AdyCarter for getting me shots of the packaging.

Yu Shu Lien

Yu Shu Lien is a female warrior who is Li Mu Bai’s unrequited love, played by Michelle Yeoh in the film.

Like the other Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Minimates, the facial detailing on Yu Shu Lien is quite underplayed. She has lovely eyes and high arched eyebrows, along with small pursed lips, but no cheeks or dimples. It does look like there isn’t a lot going on with the face, but it’s obviously a style Art Ayslum were going for, and it works fine. The hairpiece is very nice and wavy, mainly black but with some brown locks at the back of her head.


Yu Shu Lien has a fairly interesting costume, not quite as cool as the ninja outfit worn by Jen Yu, but better than the monk’s robes worn by Li Mu Bai. She has on a kind of Oriental jumpsuit, grey in colour with some red and purple trim. The skirt piece does impede articulation, but not by much. Like Jen Yu, the impression of a female chest is given by the torso piece that fits over the flat block. Wrapped boots complete the look.

The Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Minimates, unlike a lot of the other 3″ Minimates, all come with at least one accessory. Yu Shu Lien has a small sword, which she looks good wielding.

Overall, this is a visually distinctive Minimate with some nice, if not earth-shattering designs.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10

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Review and pictures by Danny Mills.

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