Marvel Minimates have always paid very close attention to ‘90s Marvel, specifically the X-Men side of things.  In 2010, we even got a small subset of Liefeld-inspired X-Force Minimates, which included Liefeld-favorite Cannonball and Liefeld-creation Shatterstar!

The Packaging

It’s the standard Marvel affair again.  When you’ve got a formula that works, you might as well stick with it.  I don’t have any shots of this pack, so if you want to see it, head on over to the Minimate Database.

The Figures

X-Force Cannonball

Not Cannonball’s first or last time as a Minimate, this particular take on the former New Mutant gives us his first Liefeld design, which, despite my usual distaste for things Liefeld, is actually one of the better takes on Cannonball.

Cannonball is built with four add-on pieces, for his hair/goggles, coat, and gloves.  The gloves are just standard flared gloves (DC flared gloves, though; not Captain America flared gloves), but do their job well enough.  The hair piece and jacket are both new, and do a reasonable job of capturing Sam’s in-book appearance.  The hair could perhaps stand to be a little sharper in terms of detailing, but the coat definitely turned out well.

The paint on Cannonball is reasonable overall, but some of the application is rather sloppy.  The boots on my figure are particularly messy.  This assortment falls during the stretch of time where the plastic quality on Minimates took a bit of a dive.  They aren’t hit by the worst of it, but you can sort of see the difference in the coloring of the skin-tone on the head, and how the paint takes to the plastic (detail lines here are generally a bit duller).

In terms of accessories, Cannonball’s only got one, but it’s a good one.  He’s got a blast effect piece that plugs into the bottom of his torso in place of his legs, depicting how he is usually drawn when using his powers.

Cannonball is an overall decent rendition of the character, slightly held back by a few quality issues.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10

X-Force Shatterstar

This figure marked Shatterstar’s debut as a Minimate, appropriately in his debut costume from the pages of New Mutants #99.  Shatterstar is a character with a history of truly hideous costumes.  This one is hardly an exception.

Shatterstar has add-on pieces for his hair/headgear, shoulderpad/scarf, belt, and gloves.  The gloves are the same ones used on Cannonball, but beyond that, all of the other add-ons were new to Shatterstar.  They’re decent enough recreations of his gear from the comics, goofy as they may be.  Shatterstar also has the poofy sleeved upper arms that first showed up on the Wave 29 90s Storm.  I’ve never been overly fond of these pieces, given how far they stick out from the chest block.  Just the standard arms might have worked better, especially on a figure that’s already as bulked up as this one.

Shatterstar’s paint is rather similar to Cannonball’s.  There’s some serious slop on the changeover from white to black on the legs.  He’s also plagued by the same issues of plastic quality.  The skintone’s a sickly color, and the white has always been a little bit yellowed.  Just an overall messy piece of work.

Shatterstar is packed with a pair of his signature twin-bladed swords.  They’re decent enough on their own merits (apart from some slight warping from the packaging), but the choice of hands for him means he has some serious trouble properly holding them.  Getting them into his hands can take some serious effort.

Shatterstar is a flawed figure, in both design and execution.  Had the execution been there, I think he still would have been fine, but he had the misfortune of being released during one of the roughest periods of quality control, so he ends up really middle of the road.  Not awful, but not so great either.

MMC Score — 6 out of 10

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Review and pictures by Glantern.

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