Here we have a Minimate exclusive from the recent Wizard World Los Angeles convention. This one is green, other Wizard convention exclusives this year will be different colors.


Like all the promotional Minimates, the Wizard World Exclusive Minimate is packaged in a small baggie. The printed text is on a sticker attached to the baggie, the one I have the sticker is really crooked, but as I opened him up, it didn’t matter.


The back of the baggie has the logos of DST, Art Asylum and also the Wizard World logo.


The Figure

Wizard World LA Blank


This blank Minimate is very similar to the Toyfair 2005 Minimate, in that he has all the advancements that Santa Spidey first debuted with. The head has a hole in it, which Marvel waves 8 and 9 had. Of course, the blank has no facial features or other detailing, but the Wizard World Tour logo looks very good on the chest, not quite up to the level of style that the skyline logo brought to the Toyfair Minimate, but not bad either. The green is very bright and vivid and makes this Minimate really stand out despite being featureless. 


As well as the hole in the head, this blank features the longer torso peg, new leg construction and C3 feet. It seems quite clear now that this will be the standard for Minimates in future retail waves. Again, the joints are nice and tight, let’s hope that AA can continue this level of quality in the future.


As a promo exclusive, this doesn’t get an actual MMC score, but it is a nice addition to the blank ranks. It will be interesting to see how popular each blank is from each show. I’m looking forward to seeing what they all look like together.


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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