It’s been a long time since DST last visited Marvel’s Ultimate Universe. Wave 3 was an Ultimate X-Men extravaganza, but since then only Wave 6’s Ultimate Spider-Man has represented the Ultimate Universe. Fans have long clamoured for Minimates based on the Ultimate U’s version of the Avengers, snappily called The Ultimates, and finally they’re here. This review will concentrate on just the variant figure, as the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent has already been reviewed. At least he’s an army builder, so it’s already an improvement if you are building all the figures in the wave!


Standard Marvel fare. A large cardboard carton with windows through which the Minimates can be viewed. Minimate Spidey is as always a large presence on the packaging though this time around he somewhat obscures the Ultimates logo that has been placed on top of him. Under the windows is the usual control art of the characters as well as a background of pages from the comic book. The box has “Variant” down one edge. The side flaps carry photos of the figures.

The back of the pack features photos of the entire wave and bio boxes relating to the figures within.


The Figure

WW2 Captain America

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A very cool re-imagining of how World War Two era Cap would have looked. Gone is the superhero costume. In it’s place a more military looking outfit albeit one that would stand out from that of the regular troops. But that was the intention. Cap was a figurehead and the morale of the troops was supposed to be boosted by knowing he was alongside them. Probably also helped that the enemy would be more likely to fire on a bloke dressed in an American flag rather than the chaps in green. 

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Cap appears to be wearing a WWII-era aviators mask under a regular soldiers helmet. Obviously this look is meant to parallel that of the modern-era Cap but I really like the thought that went into the design and also the effort that’s gone into designing this piece for the Minimate. Mask and helmet are all one piece and the eye holes line up perfectly with the eyes on the head. The expression on this Cap is an absolute winner. You can just imagine him screaming a battle cry as he leaps into the fray. I love the way the eyes look through those goggles. This guy appears absolutely nuts and you certainly wouldn’t mess with him. Cap has a alternate hair piece which is I believe a new piece. It’s certainly a lot more interesting to look at than other Cap hairpieces and the longer, disheveled look actually suits the expression on the face of the character. 

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Cap’s costume is, as previously stated, a reworked military uniform. He wears a single breasted tunic that has the familiar colours of his superhero costume over which he wears straps that hold equipment pouches. This is achieved with a slip over chest piece which has a peg built into the back for mounting Cap’s shield. There’s nothing going on underneath apart from a plain blue chest block. Caps boots and gloves are regular Minimate hands and feet painted black. 

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WW2 Captain America is accessorised with a rifle and his ubiquitous shield. This is the same triangular shield that was issued with the Invaders four pack but the decoration is slightly different as there are a lot more stars on the blue section of the shield. 

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In conclusion, a worthy and well executed variant.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10



Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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