Here we have a Minimate exclusive from the recent Wizard World Philadelphia convention. This one is red, the WWLA one was green, the upcoming Chicago one will be white, and other Wizard convention exclusives will be different colors. Many thanks to nervousrex, who attended the WW Philly convention and sent me this one to review on the site!


Like all the promotional Minimates, the Wizard World Exclusive Minimate is packaged in a small baggie. You all know the drill by now, it’s a easy way of packaging them and it works.

WWPhilly2 WWPhilly1

The back of the baggie has the logos of DST, Art Asylum and also the Wizard World logo.


The Figure

Wizard World Philadelphia Blank


This blank Minimate is very similar to the green Wizard World LA promo Minimate, the Free Comic Book Day Minimate and the Toyfair 2005 Minimate, in that he features the latest Minimate body type first seen with Santa Spidey 6 months ago, which has just made its way to the retail figures with the release of the Indie Comics Minimates. 

WWPhilly4 WWPhilly5

So he has the hole in the head, with no other facial features or other detailing. The torso peg is longer, and the leg joints are the new “reverse” style which is a change that I am still puzzled about. The hole in the head, I understand that it’s a way of keeping the hairpiece on better, and the torso peg’s length probably helps the torso to stay attached to the rest of the body, but I just can’t see why the legs were changed. This blank also has the now-standard C3 feet.

WWPhilly9 WWPhilly6

The one distinguishing feature on this blank is of course the Wizard World Tour logo, which looks very good on the chest, the white (with black outline) contrasts well with the red. The red colour is the same as the 2003 Red Blank, which seems like a bit of a missed opportunity. The green WWLA one isn’t the same shade as the green 2003 blank, so despite being red it could still have been a different shade of red to the previous one, something slightly darker maybe. The joints are again of a good quality, although perhaps not as tight as previous blanks this time.

WWPhilly7 WWPhilly8

As a promo exclusive, this doesn’t get an actual MMC score, but it is a certainly a nice addition, with the only downer being the similar colour to previous blanks. However this figure has not flooded eBay in the same way that the WWLA one did, presumably because it was a smaller convention with less attendees, so for the moment it remains quite elusive.



Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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