Alas DC Minimates. I knew you well. Let’s face it, we’re extremely late with these reviews. The Minimate avalanche since 2008 has shown no sign of abating and the late and much lamented DC line has been late and much neglected by MMC. We’re aiming to fix that in the first quarter of 2010. Stick with us kids.

DC wave 6 was another strange mix of characters, with name recognition not as high as for previous waves.



DC seemed to like to stick to a distinctive look for their mates. The blister card is the same on all releases. The only differences being the featured character on the inlay (this time being Supergirl) and obviously the photos on the back of the card. 


The Figures

Battle Damaged Wonder Woman

I’m not a fan of “Battle Damaged” figures. I’d much rather see a brand new character than a re-release with a few scratches on it, and sadly that’s pretty much all this Wonder Woman is.

The hairpiece is the same as in wave 2 Wonder Woman, the only difference being some semblance of damage to the tiara. The expression is great. Far more interesting than the usual neutral expression we get on our female Minimates. This is one p/oed Wonder Woman. Don’t mess! There’s not much battle damage to the face, nothing more than a couple of scratches, though I suppose seeing as Wonder Woman is pretty much invulnerable then she’s not going to get as messed up as more ‘human’ superheroes like Batman.

There are little scuff marks on the bare arms and legs of the figure and the usual tears and nicks in the costume detailing, including a couple of dinks on Wonder Woman’s bracelets. There’s really not a lot to get excited about with this figure, because we’ve already had a Wonder Woman and it was very good. This one is not so essential.

Battle Damaged Wonder Woman is accessorised with the same lasso as the wave 2 figure. I’d have preferred to have seen something different like an out-flung lasso, similar to the old weblines we used to get with Spidey-mates. Missed opportunity there, although this release was clearly in this wave to get more mileage from the old Wonder Woman mold, so it’s not unexpected to get the same lasso.

In Conclusion: An unnecessary release that’s stolen the place of more deserving characters, although there’s nothing wrong with the ‘mate itself.

MMC Score – 6 out of 10



Ah this is more like it, at least Battle Damaged Wonder Woman gets packaged with a genuine Wonder Woman bad guy (girl). Cheetah’s a bit of an odd supervillain. She’s a British scientist who gained her powers through mystic means. Her motivation used to be that she wanted Wonder Woman’s lasso to add to her collection of exotic goods, but nowadays she just wants to beat the crap out of Wonder Woman to prove she’s the best, which is fair enough really.

I’m impressed with Cheetah’s hair, it’s very wild and gives an impression of movement. It’s also very different to any other characters hair so helps to make her stand out. The face is excellent. Cheetah really appears to be half human/half cat. The eyes appear malevolent and the snarl tells you all you need to know – Back away, slowly!

The chest block is fairly simple, “decorate a white bib over an orange background with a few spots here and there”, but it works. The rest of the ‘mate is also orange and spotted; she is, after all, supposed to look like a cheetah.

Cheetah is a fairly stock Minimate, though her hands are claws rather than the regular ‘mate hand. I believe this is the first use of this particular claw, though it has been used subsequently on versions of Marvel’s Venom character. A really sweet touch is the inclusion of a tail. This is done by adding a thin insert between the chest block and the t-piece much in the manner of the Nightcrawler Minimate. It’s a very effective piece and adds little extra height to the character.

Cheetah has no accessories.

In Conclusion: A very good take on a classic villain.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10


Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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