After Playalong/Art Asylum’s “Minimates with building blocks” attempts in the ill-fated C3 range, DC Direct decided to snap up the licence, bringing us 2-packs of Minimates a la Marvel, but with no chase figures. 8 waves were produced in all.

Wave 3 gives us more of DC’s signature characters, plus some crucial supporting characters and some villains. This review features Wonder Woman and Ares. Always nice to get a hero vs villain set.



The packaging style for this wave is the same as the first two waves, meaning a consistent look for you MOC’ers. The Minimate’d picture this wave is of Wonder Woman. The figures are held into the back tray of the blister by twist ties.

The back of the card shows off the rest of the wave. I’d’ve liked to see some small bios incorporated like the newer Marvel sets.




The Figures

Wonder Woman


Along with Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman is part of DC’s Big Three; instantly recognisable and part of pop culture for decades, she is superhero comics biggest female star and a true icon.

Wonder Woman has a very appealing face. As with the best Minimates, female or otherwise, it is simply detailed but boldly coloured, with her gorgeous blue eyes and ruby lips. Her expression is at once stern yet amused, capturing Wonder Woman’s strength but also her humanity. The hairpiece is a cascade of black hair. The detailing is good, with her tiara and her large earrings are both part of the hairpiece.

Wonder Woman’s body is very detailed. She has a very distinctive look which has been captured well on the Minimate torso block. The gold WW logo across her breasts and the muscular detailing are flawless. Her pelvis piece features several white stars against the blue, which is again a very tidy paint app for its size with no smudging or blurred edges. Great work. The blue “trunks” paint on the tops of the thighs fair much better than some of the wave 2 Minimates with no bleed.

Wonder Woman comes with her trademark lasso of truth. This accessory is soft plastic and is sculpted in a coiled position. I would have loved a proper lasso done in a “Spidey webline” style, but even for DC that’s probably asking too much.

Overall, Wonder Woman is a fantastic Minimate, with all of her colourful design work accentuated by a stellar paint job.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10



Ares is one of Wonder Woman’s first-ever foes, and one of the pantheon of Olympian Gods.

To better convey the size and power of Ares, DC Direct have used the 2.5 inch Minimate body to represent the character. Combined with his bulky armour and weapons, this guy towers over most Minimates and really means business!

Ares is saddled with a very murky blue and black look, however the detailing on this figure is so good, there are so many pieces with extra sculpting flourishes that really make this Minimate look great when you actually have him in hand. The helmet has a lot of sculpted parts like the horns and the mouthguards. What I never realised (because the look is so seemless) is that the eyes are not part of the helmet, they are part of the faceblock underneath the helmet. They are his only feature when the helmet is removed, giving him a menacing air.

The armour on this guy is amazing. He has a cloak with big shoulderpads, plus wristguards (greaves I think they’re called). A lighter splash of blue highlights the chest block. He has a chainmail skirt and big boots with extra sculpted details on the ankles. All of these pieces together give him a very imposing look.

He also comes with two hand-held weapons, a sword and an axe. Of the two, the axe looks more fearsome simply because the sword is slightly stubby and, on mine at least, was a bit warped in the package. The soft plastic used, presumably for safety reasons, didn’t do it much of a favour.

Overall, Ares may not be one of the most recognisable DC villains but DC Direct have done an incredible job on this Minimate in terms of detail and playablity.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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