They’re here! After years of fan clamour DST finally produce some of the most requested Marvel Minimates ever… The Avengers! This set features another long requested Minimate, She-Hulk, along with Avengers mainstay Wonder Man.

(Oh and if you were wondering why this wave follows wave 14 (X3) and where are the wave 15 reviews? Wave 15 was the Ghost Rider Movies wave which due to poor preorders got cancelled (or rather is “on hold indefinitely” to use marketing speak) and is very unlikely to see the light of day. However waves get solicited months in advance so they can’t change the numbering, so we got wave 14 and now wave 16.


Like the rest of wave 16 this set comes packed in the new ‘J’ hooked card which enables it to be hung from a store peg. The box art features Wonder Man and She-Hulk in action poses against a lurid backdrop. Unfortunately the action poses are wasted as the characters are only shown from the waist up.

There are better character shots on the side flaps. A shame they weren’t used on the front.

As with wave 14 the back of the packaging is new and shows a large picture of all the figures in the wave including the variant.


The Figures

Wonder Man


First for review is Wonder Man. He has his fans but I think he’s one of the worst Marvel heroes ever. I just don’t get him. Plenty of people do though, which justifies him being immortalized in 2″ scale.

To me the face doesn’t really look like Wonder Man. Firstly He could have done with those little red lensed glasses he used to wear. Secondly the expression is far too serious. From what I can recall of Wonder Man (though to be fair there really isn’t that much) he was always clowning around with the Beast. He didn’t do dark and gritty, he did ‘look at me, I’ve got the best job in the world’ and his expression should convey that. My other nitpick is the hair. Again it doesn’t scream Wonder Man at me.


Onto the body, well, he’s wearing a vest with a big W on it. That’s definitely Wonder Man then. The chest detailing gets a little lost against the black background and is only apparent if light hits it in a certain way. The sides of the vest continue around the side of the chest. Once again illustrating that AA/DST have put a little more TLC into this wave of ‘mates. The belt is a new piece. Other than that it’s a very plain ‘mate.

The red detailing to wrists and ankles break the monotony somewhat and the paint lines are fairly sharp though there are one or two points of bleed-over.

Wonder Man comes with no accessories. He has C3 feet and the peg hole in the head. That’s it.

In conclusion, of the entire wave it’s perhaps Wonder Man that’s suffered the most from any drive to keep costs down. I don’t know what fans of the character must think of him? I doubt they’d really recognize him if it wasn’t for that big ol’ W on his chest.

MMC Score – 4 out of 10





Jennifer Walters is Bruce Banner’s cousin. She’s also the sensational She-Hulk after receiving a gamma-irradiated blood transfusion from Bruce. Who’da thunk it?

SheHulk5 SheHulk4

The designers have done a good job on this one. The face is well done. The re-use of the Ultimate Storm hair can be forgiven, as it’s a good fit for the character although the hair from the upcoming Starfire (DC wave 7) would have been perfect. That quibble aside it’s still a good likeness. The modern She-Hulk comic goes for more of a cute look for Shulkie which is captured well with this ‘mate.

The body is simple but well done. She-Hulk would have really benefited from having the chest over-sleeve piece to help bulk her up a little, though that would have made her bigger than the Hulk ‘mate so at least they’re consistent. The suit decoration is well applied and the white stripe continues down the back of the figure despite being hidden by Shulkie’s hair – the kind of attention to detail that’s certainly appreciated by this Minimate fan. There is some slight paint bleed on the ankles but really I’m just looking to find fault with what is essentially a faultless figure.


She-Hulk comes with possibly the most pointless accessory ever; a bent ‘steel’ bar. Presumably one that’s already been shulked? Unfortunately, it’s just a hunk of grey plastic that doesn’t fit in her hands. It can be made to but I fear it would stretch the hands apart too much and possibly cause a stress break. She also has C3 feet and the peg hole in her head.

In Conclusion, at last we get She-Hulk! Bonus time, it’s a great Minimate too. 

MMC Score – 7 out of 10


Review and pictures by Stewart Kay

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