Here we have a pack containing arguably the most popular X-Man, Wolverine and his nemesis, Sabretooth.


The packaging features the Ultimate X-Men logo along the side of the card. The figures are packed in a bubble tray, and have twist-ties holding them in, as well as clear elastic bands holding their arms to their sides.

The figures look good in the package, the colours are very dynamic, and the blue and brown contrast nicely with the background.


The Figures

Wolverine (Ultimate)


The first review is Wolverine, the maverick member of the X-Men. He has a stern-looking facial expression and well-sculpted hair. Wolverine certainly looks “all business”, a look helped by being in his X-Men uniform, like Cyclops and Jean Grey.


Just like Cyclops, Wolverine’s X-Men uniform isn’t that detailed. There’s a lot of blue, with a tiny bit of yellow on the chest, and yellow boots. The costume has cut-off arms, and the paint making up the yellow stripes on his shoulders is a bit sloppy. Again, like Cyclops, if his elbows are bent, blue patches – rather than skin tone – are revealed.


Wolverine also has a brown belt, which has the red X-Men logo on it, but the main accessory for Wolverine is, of course, his claws. The hands of the figure are sculpted with three blades protruding from each fist, giving Wolverine his signature look and adding a lot of play value to the figure.


Overall, this figure has some small paint flaws… but it’s Wolverine, so I can forgive those flaws because as a Minimate he’s so much fun to play with.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10



Sabretooth (Ultimate)


he second figure in the set is Sabretooth, which is a natural pairing because he is an enemy of Wolverine. Sabretooth has possibly the best detail on a Minimate face yet, he has a feral snarl, and blonde eyebrows and facial hair. His hair is “big” 80’s style, and comes down past his neck, which restricts his head movement greatly but still looks awesome.

Sabretooth3 Sabretooth4

The main feature for Sabretooth is his huge coat. Similar to Bruce Banner’s labcoat, the coat is long and has some nice sculpted details, with some really nice work on the lapels. Unlike Banner’s labcoat, you can’t really remove it without spoiling the look of the figure, because the sleeves are sculpted onto Sabretooth’s arms. Regardless, Sabretooth’s torso is well detailed, with painted on musculature, and his lower half and boots are painted as army/camoflaged gear.


Another unique point for Sabretooth are his hands, shaped into claws, which again add to his ferocious look. Interestingly, my Sabretooth’s left arm doesn’t bend at the elbow, the joint hasn’t been cut properly.


Overall, Sabertooth has a lot of detail, some of which hinders the figure’s articulation, but he is still a great figure. 

MMC Score – 8 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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