Marvel Wave 28 is loosely based around the insanely popular X-Man Wolverine, though really only one other character in the wave is a true supporting character, the rest being either teammates or having the most tenuous of connections. They have all been on most fan’s wishlists for a long time, however, making wave 28 one of the most anticipated waves in Marvel Minimates history. Next up is a pack containing a Minimate the fans were clamouring for!


Standard Marvel packaging. A cardboard carton with windows through which the figures can be seen. In a marked departure from previous waves the large Minimate Spider-Man graphic is missing from the ‘J’ hook area of the box and the Wolverine logo sits proud above the window section. Other than that it’s business as usual. Each character has it’s own side flap and the rear of the box features a picture of all the characters in the wave and bio boxes for the figures within.


The Figures



Everyone’s favourite Canucklehead and DST’s second favourite character. Is the world ready for yet another stab at the loony mutie? Especially one in his classic duds?

Ah, brand new mask. Nice, and not before time. The swoops (that’s what I’m calling them) seem to be larger and more forward than on the previous version of this mask. I can’t say I’m 100% happy to see a print where the eyes should be instead of actual holes in the mask but the print is well applied and looks fine. I particularly like the furrowed brow set between the swoops. Nice touch that. An extra hairpiece has been included so you can display Wolvie sans mask and the face beneath the mask is good enough to do just that. There’s a huge amount of furrowed brow going on here and some insanely large eyebrows as well, but beneath the brow are the eyes of a stone cold killer. Seriously have a close up look at the face of this ‘mate, those eyes are just wicked. The determined set to the mouth and the hint of stubble at the chin add the finishing touches.


The costume, as previously stated, is Wolverine’s classic yellow and blue outfit. It’s not the first time DST have attempted it, we’ve seen it two or three times (Giant Size X-Men and Marvel Zombies boxsets come to mind), but gradual refinements have culminated in what I think is the best Wolverine Minimate DST have so far produced. The shoulder pads are inserts as previously seen on the Secret Invasion Wolverine. The boots are the same pieces from that set too, ordinary style Minimate feet but with an extra section that sits in front of the leg. Aesthetically the look is far cleaner than the use of great big chunky boots that interfere with how the figure stands and in Wolverine’s case make the Minimate taller than his compadres. Actually the height is one thing that could be worked on. Wolverine is shorter than most other Marvel Heroes yet his Minimates have always been the same size or taller than other ‘mates. While DST are looking at new ways to achieve different heights why not bring in a Minimate foot similar to that used on the DC Direct Robin and Penguin. This would take Wolverine down just a notch in height and remain far more true to the character.


That aside this is still a fantastic looking ‘mate. though there looks to be a slight mistake on both the front and reverse of the chest block on the lowest stripes. Takes some looking for though. There’s also a bad paint line on the rear of the right leg where the blue shorts end. These are tiny errors and only really apparent upon extremely close inspection. Wolvie’s a tad on the hirsute side and DST have given him a lot of hair running down his arms. There’s some good black shading on the wrist part of the gloves and the claws are superb, there are even the little metal housings on the back of the gloves for the claws to pop through. In what I guess is a nod to the fanboys, though possibly also a continuation from the Wolverine movie wave there is a set of alternative hands that are painted the same colour as the gloves, so he can be displayed without his claws. It’s a sweet touch and I feel a tad churlish for wishing the alt hands had those metal housings on as well.

In conclusion, the best-looking Wolverine Minimate so far. There’s not much more that can be improved upon.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10





A super assassin with a healing ability much like Wolverine’s. Deadpool was subject to medical experimentation that boosted his ability but also boosted the cancer he had growing inside him which spread all over his body forcing his healing factor into overdrive and resulting in him becoming covered in scar tissue. It should be noted that Deadpool is nothing like DC’s Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke the Terminator and it’s just a coincidence that his name is Wade Wilson as well.

wdp08 wdp09

This figure is great. It’s one that’s been long demanded by the fans and DST have given it a whole lot of love in it’s creation. The head has a slip over mask, in fact it has two! Both are superb and perfectly capture Deadpool’s character. Deadpool’s mask itself is fairly plain; a red hood with black ovals around the white eyes. What’s great about it is that successive artists have made this mask so incredibly expressive simply by messing with the size and shape of that black area. DST have paid homage to that with the two masks provided. The mask the character wears in the box is fairly neutral though there’s a hint of furrowed brow. I find it incredible that within the black areas, just around the eyes, are the tiniest touches of red – fantastic attention to detail.

wdp10 wdp07 wdp11

The alternative mask is a little more fun. One eye appears to be squinting while the other is wide open, as though Deadpool is taking aim at a target. Remove the mask though and the face underneath is anything but fun. Wade’s face is a mess, hell, his whole body is a mess, so it’s understandable that he doesn’t look at all happy. The face on this guy is great. It’s not pretty, but it is great. There’s a whole lot of detail but it never feels like it’s too busy. I also like that the scarring goes right around the head.


Deadpool’s outfit follows the same theme as his mask. It’s a red all-in-one suit with black contrasts. It has been well executed here. I especially like the little Deadpool mask symbol at the belt buckle. While mentioning the belt it’s worth noting that there are more equipment pouches molded on, as well as a couple of hand grenades on the right hip and what appear to be throwing knives on the left. It’s also interesting to note that Deadpool’s feet have treads on them which I believe is a re-use of the feet from the DCD Flash. The costume is completed by all sorts of additional pieces, equipment pouches at the ankles, holsters on either hip, and a weapon carrying solution that’s comprised of a series of straps (all one piece) that sit over the chest block. Turn the figure around and you’ll see what the strapping is for. It’s to carry an outrageous amount of weaponry!


Deadpool is accessorised with… two swords, two machine guns, a machine pistol, a sai dagger on the left hip (re-use of the Elektra daggers) and a revolver on the right hip. That’s a staggering amount of weaponry for one Minimate! The swords are sheathed in the weapon holder and the machine guns are held on by pegs that protrude from it. If I have one negative thing to say about this figure it’s that it doesn’t stand up too well on its own. I don’t know if that’s down to the weapons holder throwing it off balance or if it’s something wrong with one of the legs? Either way it’s annoying.


In conclusion, this Minimate is absolutely spot-on! 

MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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