No stranger to picking up specific Marvel film licenses, this wave of DST’s Minimates were released to hit the stores ready for May 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie, and featured a Wolverine in every set, plus some supporting characters from the film. This set features an iconic look for Wolverine, and a more-than-meets-the-eye villain.


Wave 26 packaging remains the same as previous waves, however the look is much more understated with the black packaging.

The back of the box has the whole wave pictured, and the bio boxes are still present, hinting at plot developments in the film without giving too much away.


The Figures

Wolverine Origins Wolverine


This is Wolverine as he know him from the first X-Men film, as during the course of the Origins film (which is a prequel) he obtains this jacket. So he works as a figure for Origins and also as an X-Men movie Minimate due to this iconic look. 


3 Wolverines into the wave and this one might just be the best of the lot. The facial detailing is good, this time different to the expression that was used for both Logan and Special Ops Wolverine. Rather than a snarl, this Wolverine has a grimace, but one that definitely means business. He looks like he’s just about to go berserker. The hairpiece is the most “Wolverine-esque” of the 3 also, with more pronounced tufts of hair to each side. 


As mentioned above, the jacket that Wolverine comes with appeared first in the X-Men film and was his signature civilian look in that film, so to get it here is a really nice bonus. The look has been well recreated, with the jacket piece being nicely sculpted, and also Wolverine’s big belt buckle, resplendent in gold. 


Wolverine has Adamantium claws at this stage in the film, another difference to the first two figures who sported the original bone claws. The metal claws look good, and he also comes with a set of unclawed spare hands, like the other two. 


In conclusion, this is an iconic look for Wolverine, executed flawlessly.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10




The Wolverine Origins wave included several mutants who had yet to have Minimates of their comic counterparts in Sabretooth and Deadpool. Both got their respective figures in Marvel wave 28, but this is still the only Minimate depiction of the Blob so far. 


Due to his immense size and girth, Blob gets a sculpted head, still somewhat of a rarity for Minimates. They have done a nice job recreating Blob’s look from the film, with his fat neck and chins spilling out at the bottom of the head block. The head has no lateral movement, as it rests very close to the chest block. 


To mimic the Blob’s bulk, the chest block is huge, bigger than the one given to the Kingpin. He has sculpted moobs and his shirt is too small for him, exposing his belly which hangs down over the pelvis piece – this is also a new piece to accommodate the width of the chest block. It’s certainly an interesting look. The look is completed by the good work on the tattoo on his arm, which is lovely detailing at this scale, and the boxing gloves. 


But that’s not all! The sculpted head block looks like one whole piece but is effectively a slip-on mask. Remove it from the head block and there’s another face on there – Fred Dukes from the Special Op flashback early on in the film! He gets painted on hair and ears and it’s recognisably the same guy. The huge chest piece can be removed and there is a military shirt on the chest block underneath. This all means that the Blob is two figures in one, and yet it’s not mentioned anywhere on the packaging. There is an M-16 included in this set like all the other in the wave, and its inclusion makes more sense knowing the Blob can form part of the Special Ops team along with Wolverine, Sabretooth and Deadpool. 


In conclusion, two looks to this unique character means that this one is well worth picking up.


MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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