After all the clamour Minimate fans get The Flash. Possibly not the one they really wanted though. Another pair to add to the Justice Society Roster. I like the way DCD has no overarching theme to their waves of ‘mates, yet each wave has additions to the JLA & JSA, and the Batman Family.

After Playalong/Art Asylum’s “Minimates with building blocks” attempts in the ill-fated C3 range, DC Direct decided to snap up the licence, bringing us 2-packs of Minimates a la Marvel, but with no chase figures. 8 waves were produced in all.



The packaging style for this wave is consistent with the previous waves. Batgirl takes the spotlight as the character breaking out from the bubble. The figures are held into the back tray of the blister by twist ties. Apologies for not having packaging pictures accompanying the DC wave 4 reviews. As usual the fantastic Minimate Database will have them!  


The Figures


Ted Grant, former heavyweight boxer turned crimefighter, now mentor and trainer to todays new generation of heroes. Grant has no powers as such but was magically gifted nine lives which sort of explains how a character from the dawning of DC’s age of heroes can still be around today. Incidentally he’s on his last life. I really like Wildcat, please don’t kill him DC.

In a departure from what we’ve so far seen of DC’s masked Minimates Wildcat has both a helmet type mask (one that fits over the Minimate head but exposes the face underneath) and a hairpiece so that he can also be displayed as Ted Grant. The dark grey mask is nicely accented with the lighter grey of the cheek pouches and the white eyes. There’s some sculpting above the eyes intended to convey a furrowed brow, but the base colour is so dark that it’s sometimes hard to see. Swapping out the mask for the hair piece gives you Ted Grant. The face detailing is great. It really gives the impression of a rough at the edges good guy, who’s up for a showdown whenever you’re ready. Great stuff!

The body is very basic and very dark too. In a way that helps Wildcat stand out among his brightly costumed peers, but taken on his own he’s not very inspiring The only decoration on the body is a lighter grey print that shows Wildcat’s very solid musculature. There’s no detailing at all on the back of the figure. The wrists and hands are printed with boxer’s strapping. The printing is extremely intricate, extremely well detailed and extremely well done. It looks great and gives the character some much needed contrast.

Wildcat has no accessories. He has C3 feet and the standard peg hole in his head.

In conclusion: I’m a fan of the character and a fan of this ‘mate. DCD/AA have done Wildcat justice and you can’t ask more than that.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10


Golden Age Flash

Jay Garrick was the first man to bear the name Flash. Still around in today’s DC continuity as a founder member of the Justice Society of America.

Okay, let’s address the obvious. The helmet is a great design but it’s poorly executed. Jay’s head should go further up inside it. Instead it stops at the same level as the hat’s rim. This gives Jay’s head a weirdly extended look and spoils the overall look of the figure. The helmet itself is nicely detailed with gold wings. Jay’s hair is grey at the temples and also hints at the wing motif too. Jay’s face is a bit non-descript. Where Wildcat is snarly and full of character Jay is merely impassive.

Costume detail is okay, but for some reason DCD have gone for a very solid lightning flash that sits in the centre of the chest. Most depictions of this Flash have the lightning streak starting to the right, at the base of the chest and travelling diagonally across the chest, ending just below the left shoulder. This to me is a much more dynamic design and I feel should have been the design on the ‘mate. The buccaneer style boots that Deathstroke sported also appear on this ‘mate and it’s a nice touch. I like these boots. They’d look great on Captain America too.

Golden Age Flash comes with no accessories.

In conclusion: Nothing to write home about. A disappointing addition to the DC pantheon.

MMC Score – 5 out of 10


Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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