Here we have a pack containing the White Queen, who has been both an enemy and an ally of the X-Men depending on what continuity/time period you read, and Cyclops, dressed in his New X-Men uniform.


The figures are packed in a bubble tray, and have no twist-ties holding them in. Instead, a second clear tray piece fits over the top and then locks in, meaning that these figures are held in well and can be seen from each side.

The back of the packaging is new and only shows waves 8 and 9.


The Figures

White Queen


Initially introduced as a leading member of the sinister Hellfire Club, the telepathic White Queen is a great choice for a Minimate, being both female and a character who has been both an adversary and an ally to the X-Men.

WhiteQueen2 WhiteQueen4

The Minimate women look better when the detail is played down. That’s the rule that the White Queen Minimate follows very successfully. Nothing is overdone or overdetailed (apart from perhaps her heaving bosom, but then that’s not necessarily a bad thing hehe). The face is elegant and knowing, with a slight smile and expensively maintained eyebrows. The hairpiece is a short blonde bob, and again, like most of waves 8 and 9, has a peg in the centre of it to hold it to the head block more firmly.


The costume detailing is simple yet very well done. The bodice, the boots, the arm-length gloves, all immaculate. The huge, shoulder-padded cloak can unbalance her slightly, but really adds to the overall look. Mind you, she looks OK when it’s removed too. Like something out of the Playboy Mansion.


The White Queen doesn’t come with any accessories but like everyone in the new waves she does have C3 feet.

Overall, this is a really beautiful Minimate done with surprisingly saucy style.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10



New Cyclops


The second figure in the set is the 4th Minimate version of Cyclops. We have had Scott in his classic X-Men costume, and two versions of him from the Ultimate universe, with and without his visor. This figure is based on Cyclops from the New X-Men series.

NewCyclops2 NewCyclops3

It wouldn’t be Scott without the visor, and this one looks good. The paint apps are very solid on it (and throughout the whole figure). As always, it’s removable, meaning you can see Scott’s red eyes. The detailing on the face is a bit over the top, looking very scrunched up, but I think that’s done to try and mimic the artist from the comic. I particularly don’t like the cheek lines, they look really out of place when the visor is on, like errant lines. Despite being part of a wave where the pegged hairpieces are common, Cyclops has no peg, and therefore no hole in the head. This suggests that it was an older figure than the others, because those in wave 8 without holes in the head and pegged hairpieces have been re-done older figures.

NewCyclops5 NewCyclops4

The costume detailing is mostly black with yellow trim. This fits in well with the other New X-Men-style Minimates already released, New Wolverine & Phoenix, and adds a pleasing sense of stylistic continuity with all the yellow trim and X markings, although Cyclops’s uniform is black rather than dark grey. Together, though, they look great. The bulky X-jacket is made of much more solid plastic than previous Minimate clothing additions but does look great and makes Cyclops very distinctive.


With all the Cyclopses (Cyclopi?) there are never any accessories, and this one is no different. He does get C3 feet, though, which gives him one-up on his team-mates.

NewCyclops7 NewCyclops8

Overall, this is a very good Cyclops Minimate, quite different from what we have had before, and one that fits in well with previously released New X-Men Minimates. 

MMC Score – 7 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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