Originally part of a Target exclusive wave that never materialized, Web Armor Spider-Man eventually appeared as a retail incentive at specialist action figure Store; Action Figure Express (AFX). Basically if you bought enough stuff from AFX, you could get him “free”, so this review is in the promo Minimates section and not the exclusives part. Major kudos to Shanester for getting hold of this figure for me!


The packaging is very similar to the convention giveaways we’ve seen in recent years. The figure is contained in a simple, sealed poly bag with a card stapled to it. The card has the Marvel Minimates logo and a Web Armor Spider-Man logo. It also features a small logo proclaiming it to be an AFX exclusive. The back of the card features the Web Armor Spidey Logo along with the DST and AA logos and the usual copyright blurb.

WebArmorSpiderManFront WebArmorSpiderManBack


The Figure

Web Armor Spider-Man


I don’t know much about Spidey’s Web Armour (though I’m fairly certain that it wouldn’t have been made out of webbing) but I know what I like, and that’s Spidey variants that have a reason to exist. And the Web Armor Spidey has more reason to exist than the Raft-Escape Spidey ever will. 

As the head is dominated by Spidey’s eye pieces it takes a while to appreciate the very thin black lines that decorate the silver base of the head. What’s especially cool about the line work is the double weight of it. Rather than go for a simple Spider-Man mask pattern DST have tried to capture the sectioned armor look of the costume. 


That patterning continues onto the body. The body is a black base with silver applications that mostly mirrors Spider-Man’s classic red and blue costume design. Front and back look very clean and classy. The only difference in styles is the way the boots continue past the knee, and here is my only complaint about this figure. The rather haphazard way the print above the knee joints has been applied ruins the form of the entire figure. It’s extremely jarring, and very disappointing.

Web Armor Spider-Man has a solid head (no C3 hole for Spidey!) and no accessories, but then not many of the promo ‘mates ever have accessories.

As usual for the promo exclusive reviews, this doesn’t get an actual MMC score, but the issue with the print means that what should have been a great Minimate becomes merely good.

MMC Score – Shiney


Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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