Toys R Us’s support of Minimates included getting the LCS wave of Minimates from May 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie, and also incorporated a couple of hard-to-find exclusives. This set features another iconic look for Wolverine, and his love interest in the film, Silver Fox.


The packaging for the exclusives remains the same as wave 26, and also includes the silver TRU foil. Special mention to the picture of Weapon X Wolverine on the side, the posing really capturing his attitude.

The back of the box has wave 26 pictured, with no sign of the exclusives. The bio boxes are still present, hinting at plot developments in the film without giving too much away.


The Figures

Weapon X Wolverine (Wolverine: Origins)


Wave 26 gave us a Wolverine in every 2-pack, and the exclusives follow the same pattern. How many Wolverines do you need from one film, really? Luckily this look is one of his more iconic, with the white sleeveless T-shirt. Indeed, we got a similar-looking figure to this one all the way back in wave 5 with Civilian Logan.


The facial detailing is again good, with perhaps the most annoyed snarl of the lot. He was very pissed off at this point in the film and it definitely shows. The hairpiece is the same as Wolverine and Special Ops Wolverine.


The T-shirt has a lot of detail on it, including very fine stripes going down it. The two white “straps” travel along the top of the chest block. The bottom half of the figure is identical to Wolverine in wave 26, and includes the nicely sculpted golden belt buckle.


Another similarity to the Wolverine in the LSC wave, Weapon X Wolverine also has Adamantium claws at this stage in the film. Like all the Wolverines in this series, he also comes with a set of unclawed spare hands.


In conclusion, an iconic look in the Wolverine film, but one we’ve seen before as a Minimate. Hasn’t really improved much on that one, but is a fair addition to the massed ranks of movie Wolverines. At this point I think you know what you’re getting, and the second Minimate in the set is more a driver of sales.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10



Silver Fox (Wolverine: Origins)


Kayla Silverfox was a key part of the Wolverine film, being his love interest. Most love interests provide motivation for the heroes and without going into spoilers, she certainly does that for Logan.

Silver Fox was a bit of a looker in the film, and this Minimate certainly tries to capture that. Simple facial detailing really brings out the large eyes and attractive lips, and the hairpiece really accentuates this. I have to admit, I don’t recognise the hairpiece specifically but I highly doubt it’s a new sculpt, as this line exists on a steady diet of re-uses.


The body detailing is good without getting too complex. Her green smock is a very simple look anyway, so they haven’t needed to go crazy trying to replicate it here. The cleavage is well done without being too over the top, which makes sense as this is based on a real woman and not one of the more overly pumped-up super-heroine physiques such as Moonstone. A nice touch is the detail on the laced-up wrists, this could have easily been missed off. The lower half of Silver Fox’s body is encased in an articulation-destroying skirt piece.

Silver Fox doesn’t get any accessories. I’d be cheeky and say that they should have included an M-16 like all the other Wolverine movie 2-packs, but it really wouldn’t have fitted with the character.


In conclusion, Silver Fox is a key character executed with no small amount of style, but she isn’t a massively exciting Minimate. Probably deserving of her position as an exclusive rather than being incorporated in the main wave. Of course, if they didn’t feel the need to put so many Wolverines in then we could have had 2-packs containing 2 supporting characters. A shocking thought to DST, obviously. 

MMC Score – 6 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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