We’re back for some more Battle Beasts action; this time with a proper Vorin and a fearsome foe.




The packaging is the blister card pack showcasing the figures and accessories. And the top of the card has the large Battle Beasts logo with several of the characters from the comics. The pack has an insert with the Minimates logo along with headshots of each of the characters on either side. The back shows all the figures in this wave along with short bio of each of the two characters included.


The Figures



Vorin has been released several times as promo figures and even had a comic con exclusive set last year but this is the first regular release of this figure. His bio is as follows: Fed up with a lifetime of combat, Vorin seeks the Praxis of Hope to bring an end to the fighting and topple the warlords who profit from it. Along with his comrades Merk and Gruntos, he has been branded a traitor to all beasts.
BBvv04 BBvv05
Like the rest of the LCS wave, Vorin has a non-metallic paint application (TRU version has metallic colors). Normally I prefer the metallic but the bright yellow and red colors look good on him. Only downside is some of the paint is messy in some areas.
BBvv06 BBvv07
The same well sculpted pieces are used that were present in the promo figures. An added bonus for this regular release is underneath his torso cover is a grey torso with chest detail. And he even comes with a spare pair of grey arms/hands to complete the non-armor look.
BBvv09 BBvv10
For accessories he comes with the same ram shield as before; but I really like how the yellow rams head stands out on this one. Also he has his sword with sheath that attaches to the back of his torso cover

It’s nice to finally get a version of Vorin with fleshed out colors.


MMC Score – 8 out of 10



Vachonus’ bio is as follows: A home in even the harshest climates, Vachonus and his band of marauders seek to capture the renegade Vorin and his friends in order to collect the bounty on their heads.

BBvv13 BBvv14

This is another perfect example of how they can create just about anything in minimate form. Vachonus doesn’t look like your typical minimate figure but it is a minimate. His head is mounted to the top front of the massively armored torso cover. I love the detail on his headpiece with his pincer mouth and even the little beady eyes. On the back of his torso cover is a peg for his stinger tailpiece. The sculpting is top notch all around. I only wish they added another hinge in the tailpiece as it tends to get in the way for some poses; it would have helped if you could extend it back further. Underneath his torso cover there is an interestingly detailed base torso; it would be a good piece to use for other characters that have similar looking body armor (SWAT & military figures come to mind).

BBvv15 BBvv16

His waist piece is a modified piece that has two pegs in the standard side position but then a flat back with two additional pegs thus allowing for four legs to be attached. The legs themselves look great; lots of sculpted spikes and clawed feet. His hands are two huge claws that are probably the best hand pieces of the entire Battle Beasts line. I also love the paint job for this figure; the black fits perfectly for the scorpion character (a lot better than the brown on the TRU version, IMO).


He comes with two weapons; a grey/black spiked mace and a scythe that also conveniently fit in the holes in the back of his torso cover. Like the rest of the Beasts it is a lot of fun to mix and match the parts to create your own character. Also parts-wise, he has some excellent pieces for customizers: claws, 4-pegged waist, armor detailed base torso and more.

Honestly I wasn’t sure about this character when we first saw the concept art for the line. But seeing it in hand, this is easily one of my favorite figures. Now if I could just find one of those friggin TRU Bat & Moose Battle Beasts my collection would be complete.


MMC Score – 9 out of 10



Review and pictures by Lurch77

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