Vision and Hawkeye were the Toys R Us-exclusive set from the first wave of Civil War Minimates (Coinciding with Wave 66 of the specialty Marvel Minimates line). It’s actually fairly amusing that their packed together, since Vision and Hawkeye’s very first Minimates (from way back in Series 20) were also packed together. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The Packaging

This is the same packaging used for all of the Civil War tie-in ‘mates.  It’s just a slight deco change from the usual Marvel look.  I find it a little bland, but it does its job.

The Figures


This was Vision’s third MCU-mate, and it only actually arrived in stores a few months after the first two.

Apart from a few minor tweaks, this figure is actually the same as the standard release from Wave 63. That was a pretty nice translation of the film version of Vision, and since his design hasn’t changed between the two movies, the new figure’s pretty accurate to Civil War as well.  Like that figure, this one’s only add-on is the cape, re-used from the old DC Minimates Superman.  It still works here, so no complaints from me.

Paint is where the actual changes occur, and even then, that’s pretty minor.  He gets a new, more detailed face, which has a better likeness of Paul Bettany, and adds some of the detail lines that were absent from the last figure’s face.  Beyond that, everything else remains identical.  And I do really mean identical; there’s not even any variation to any of the colors on this guy.

Vision includes both a clear display stand and a flight stand.  I wouldn’t have minded some sort of energy effect or something for his head, but this figure was clearly done with re-use in mind.

Vision’s essentially a re-release, but the minor changes go a long way, at least for me, and I prefer this one to the AoU version.  On top of that, there’s actually a pretty good rationale for this almost total re-release: Vision was a specialty exclusive in the AoU assortments, meaning he was one of the two Avengers not available to TRU consumers. Now everybody gets a Vision!

MMC Score — 8.5 out of 10


Of all the costumes in the first Avengers movie, Hawkeye’s was the one that most disappointed me. Hawkeye’s got one of the coolest costumes in comics, and the movie version sucked a lot of the originality out of it. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who felt that way, since Hawkeye’s gotten a slightly tweaked design in both subsequent reappearances. In AoU, he added a pretty cool coat to his look, but he still seemed to lack some of his comics counterpart’s flair. Civil War seemeddead set on amending that, as it gave Hawkeye possibly his coolest look yet, taking major cues from his West Coast Avengers/Heroic Age design. This ‘mate replicates that design.

Hawkeye has add-on pieces for his hair, quiver, and holster. All of these parts are re-used pieces (being mostly fairly generic parts), but they certainly fit Hawkeye’s look from the movie, while also maintaining some consistency with his AoU ‘mates.

Hawkeye’s paintwork is pretty impressive, with a whole ton of great detail work on his uniform, giving him a lot of dimension. His colors also pop; I think this is my favorite shade of purple that I’ve seen on a movie Hawkeye. The likeness on the face bears a resemblance to Jeremy Renner, but I think the Winter Ops Hawkeye still has the closest resemblance.

Hawkeye includes a bow, three arrows, a pistol, and a clear display stand.

This Hawkeye design is pretty strong, and it translates quite nicely to the ‘mate aesthetic, resulting in what is probably the best MCU version of the character so far.

MMC Score — 8 out of 10

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Review and pictures by Glantern.

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