As with the previous wave, Marvel Minimates wave 20 had some often-requested characters in its selection, helping to fill out teams such as the Avengers and the X-Men. Wave 20’s variant figure, Vision 2.0, is the line’s first Young Avenger. Once again packaged with Hawkeye, who has already been reviewed so only the variant will be covered here.


No change in the shape of the packaging since the last wave but it’s a lot brighter. One difference between these packs and Wave 19’s is that the comic book art appears to be missing from behind the characters. Shame that, as it looked really good on Wave 19. Obviously this pack front has the ‘variant enclosed!’ stamp on it, though how that would convince the average punter to buy it is beyond me.

The back of the packaging features the same group shot as the rest of Wave 20. The biography box explains a little about Vision 2.0 which is handy as he/it’s a complete mystery to me.


The Figure

Vision 2.0


Vision 2.0 is a member of the Young Avengers, and a valuable member too, apparently. I know nothing about this character so all I can do is a pure review of the mate itself.

First off, I take back what I said about the skullcap on the non-variant Vision. It worked much better even with its shortcomings than the simpler printed on design as worn by Vision 2.0. The printed version means there’s not as much room for the characters features. The face itself looks fine, similar to regular Vision but different enough to be its own character. The mouth is certainly a lot more human-looking.


The entire ‘mate is cast in translucent dark green plastic. It’s a bit too dark in my opinion as while it’s always cool to have see-through ‘mates, this guy is too dark to be all that see-through, losing the effect. There’s also not a lot going on visually. Vision 2.0’s costume shares the same cape as the original Vision and also a diamond emblem on its chest, though this diamond is red against a yellow background. The only other detailing is some chest definition and yellow flashing on the wrists. This character really doesn’t seem worthy of being any kind of action figure. It’s very dull to look at. There must be dozens of B-list Avengers that should have been made before this little guy. But I suppose the cape tooling has to be justified somehow?

Like the original, Vision has no accessories.

In conclusion: Marvel variants have historically been pretty hit and miss, this one’s definitely a “Meh!”

MMC Score – 5 out of 10



Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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