A second helping of BSG ‘mates. The series they’re based on is astonishingly good and I’m sure most fans want as many of the show’s characters in their collection as possible. This assortment hits the spot as far as character selection is concerned. Wave 2 of modern BSG was released in summer 2007.


The packaging is exactly the same as series one, with the blister in the shape of a Viper Pilot’s flight helmet. The only difference being the pictures on the back. Unfortunately the BSG series 2 reviews do not have carded pictures. However if you want pics then go to Minimate Database which is chock full of fantastic pics from all the different Minimates lines and is far more up to date than this site!

The Figures

Vice President Baltar

Gaius Baltar’s a fascinating character. He inadvertently betrayed the entire twelve colonies due to his desire for a woman later revealed to be a Cylon masquerading as human – the model Number Six.

A fair attempt has been made at capturing the likeness of James Callis. However, Callis has a long face and a high forehead and the limitations of the Minimate head block have compromised the likeness. The hair piece is good, Baltar’s hair does tend to be a bit rebellious and this is well represented. Baltar’s generally unshaven so this is the look the ‘mate has been given. There’s also been a good try at getting Callis’s deep cheekbones on the face of this ‘mate, but at the end of the day you only know it’s him because you’re a Minimate fan. Show this figure to a non-fan, even if they’re a fan of the TV series and they’d probably have a hard time guessing who it’s supposed to be.

Baltar’s been dressed in a suit. Fair enough he’s generally wearing either a suit or lab coat, but it does make for a dull Minimate. He’s been given a chest block for the suit jacket and a belt. Those are the only non-standard parts on this ‘mate. The suit’s dark blue and the only contrast is the light blue shirt and dark blue tie. The tie’s slightly loose, as though it’s been constricting and pulled away from the neck. Quite a nice touch really as there’s not a lot else going on for this mate. Turn the ‘mate around and it’s very much dullsville (but then who wants to look at Minimate backs) the only break in the dark blue monotony is the white indicia on the legs.

Baltar’s only accessory is a book. Baltar has C3 feet and the standard peg hole in his head.

In conclusion, a decent attempt that hasn’t quite succeeded. I’d still rather have this Baltar than none at all.

MMC Score – 6 out of 10

Caprica Six

Another Cylon Model Six. This one contains the downloaded memories of the Six that Gaius Baltar had originally met (and been deceived by) on Caprica. Caprica Six is conflicted. Her predecessor had fallen in love with Baltar and Caprica has those feelings too. She becomes a sympathiser with the Human cause. In an amusing twist Caprica Six has visions of Gaius Baltar.


This Six has a very similar face to the Six from Series one. I think the eyes may be slightly further apart as the hair on the left tends to sit in front of the left eye. The hair piece looks to be the same mold as on both Six and Kobol Six, but appears to have been cast in yellow plastic.

This is a very simple mate (not that that’s a bad thing) it has no additional parts other than the hair piece. The body is a black cast with only two other colours added. Those are the flesh of Six’s neck and cleavage, and the cream top she’s wearing. It’s simple but extremely effective. The cream colour continues around the sides and back which helps to accentuate Caprica Six’s short black jacket.

Caprica Six is accessorised with a chunk of rock. This is debris from a bomb blast which both Caprica Six and a downloaded Sharon Valerii survived. Caprica Six has C3 feet and the standard peg hole in the head.

In conclusion, though the likeness is off this is still a good simple minimate.

MMC Score – 6 out of 10

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Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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