Here we have a pack containing a battle-damaged Spider-Man, and the alien symbiote Venom with 2 interchangable heads, which was a Canadian Wal-Mart exclusive. The normal US version of this set had a Venom without the tongue, although prototype/preview pictures showed Venom with a tongue. As I have already reviewed the figures in the normal Venom and Damaged Spider-Man set, this review will focus on the new Venom figure.


The packaging features the Spider-Man logo along the side of the card. The figures look nice in the package, Spider-Man’s colours are bright, and Venom’s black is a good contrast. You can see the extra head very clearly as it sits in the middle of the window.


The figures in this set are packed in a bubble tray, but in a change from the US Minimates packaging, there is a second tray piece holding them in. There are no twist-ties (yippee!) and no elastic bands holding the figures together. Overall I’m reminded of Takara’s style of packaging for their Japanese Transformers lines, which can only be a good thing.


The Figure

Venom (with tongue)


This is the second version of Venom that has made it to Minimate form. The figure is identical to the normal Venom Minimate in style, colouring and detail, except this one has 2 interchangable heads. One which is the normal US version, and one that has a huge red tongue protruding from the head piece.

VenomTongue3 VenomTongue1

The tongue itself is very well done, with good clean paint apps and some nice detailing. It adds a great deal to the look of the figure. As an “accessory” it is unique and is also a signature look for Venom.


Overall, this version of Venom is a great figure and should be the Venom you pick up for your Minimate collection. It is better than the first one because of the tongue, but is also harder to get hold of because of it being an exclusive in Canada.

Update – It is now available in US Wal-Marts and also the TRU 10-pack set.

MMC Score – 8.5 out of 10



Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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