Halloween week; what better time of year to review one of the previously released Ghostbuster box sets! This is the “I Love This Town” set that includes all four of the Ghostbusters from the original 1984 movie. Would you ‘love’ this set enough to add to your spooky decorations? Read on to find out …



The packaging is a tall blister card with an ectoplasm green background. There’s an insert with the Ghostbusters name and logo along with the “I Love This Town” set name on top of black and yellow stripes. On the sides are control art headshots of each of the characters. And on the back is a group picture of all figures in this box along with a short write up of the story. I love the cool background picture of the team shooting their proton streams up and crossed for total protonic reversal!
ILtT02 ILtT03

The Figures

Peter Venkman


We’ve seen eleven versions of Dr. Venkman in minimate form (including this one). This version reuses several of his previous expressions and parts. Actually the entire box set is a reuse of past parts and details but putting them all in one uniform look. The big exception is the update to the proton packs.

ILtT05 ILtT06

Peter has two minimate heads included. The first has his smirk from the “We’re Ready to Believe You!” box set which is my favorite; also included is his surprised expression from the “slimed” version just minus the slime. They really did pick two of his best heads along with the same hairpiece used in previous figures.

ILtT08 ILtT07 ILtT10

The uniforms are outstanding in this box set. Rather than various shades of grey we get all the guys in the same light tan jumpsuit. There is no bulky torso cover as the uniform details are directly on the base figure. Love the details as well, very crisp and you can easily read their nametags. Even their shoe laces stand out well. Only odd part is the Ghostbuster logo on their shoulders don’t have any black detail lines; it’s not a bad thing, the red works well. It just feels a bit more cartoon version rather than movie version. Each character also has a pair of grey elbow pads and black buccaneer cuffs and hands.

ILtT11 ILtT12 ILtT13

Now the best thing since sliced bread; an updated removable proton pack! Previously all the Ghostbusters had bulky torso covers with the packs attached to the covers with the exception of the Extreme Ghostbusters Janine and Slimer. So removable proton packs for the main four is epic! You can tell the actual pack has been the same since the inception of the line (same original casting) and over the years (and number of figures made) has caused a slight decrease in the sculpted details. It is still very good but the pack on the first figures had slightly better paint apps and you could see fuller details on packs themselves. For this set we have the additional peg for the removable trap and the gun is the same used previously in the movie line. The cord connected is longer and better than any of the previous ones. The proton pack is connected to a removable harness that fits over the torso piece but still gives you full view of their jumpsuit details. A belt piece was added so you could see the rest of their gadgets and also to attach one of the radio accessories. So each Ghostbuster comes with the proton pack and harness, a closed ghost trap attachment for the pack, a belt cover and attachable radio, a proton stream and clear base plate. I do like the bright orange color of the proton stream (same sculpt as before) but do miss the blue vein electricity detail that was on the other versions.


This is a great reuse of parts and very well done update to the uniforms.

MMC Score – 9.5 out of 10

Ray Stantz

ILtT15 ILtT19

Ray lost some weight and looks good! Well, he just looks slim with the new proton packs.

ILtT20 ILtT21 ILtT22

Ray comes with the same facial expression from his Gooey figure along with the same movie version hairpiece. But they’ve also included a marshmallow cap to put on him. This brings me to the fact that I find the name of this set a bit odd. Don’t get me wrong, I like it but the name points to a specific scene in the movie where they have just defeated Gozer and Stay Puft had exploded everywhere. Ray, Egon & Winston are covered in marshmallow (Venkman has a bit in his hair), Winston stands up and says “I Love This Town” (cue the music). Sooooo, where’s all the marshmallow? I would have expected to see 3 1/8 figures covered in marshmallow. I still love the set, name just feels off; perhaps name it “Who You Gonna Call?” box set instead. Regardless, let’s move on..

ILtT16 ILtT17 ILtT18

They’ve also included the ecto goggles Ray had in the previous sets along with an open ghost trap. And yes the open ghost trap with activator is the same one that fits in the ghost trap base. Uniform is the new updated version, crisp details, awesome removable proton pack and all the previously mentioned attachments.

ILtT23 ILtT24 ILtT25

Looking good Ray!

MMC Score – 9.5 out of 10

Egon Spengler


Egon was my favorite of the group. Yeah Bill Murray got a majority of the funny lines but the straight-faced humor that Harold Ramis brought to the film was spectacular.

ILtT30 ILtT31 ILtT32

Egon comes with two headpieces; the one from Gooey set and also the straight-faced one from the first box set. Thankfully they put in the high-top hair seen later in the Ghostbuster minimate line. He too comes with a marshmallow cap.

ILtT27 ILtT28 ILtT29

One extra for him is the PKE meter. I know other characters can use it but he used it more in the movies (assuming he was the only one smart enough to figure out how it worked). Rest of the uniform is the same as the others in this set.

ILtT33 ILtT34 ILtT35

I would say he’s the best version of this character but I feel the need to have this and a lab version of him; so he’s one of my two favorite figures of him. Hmmm, let’s see what happens when we take away the puppy.

MMC Score – 9.5 out of 10

Winston Zeddemore


Winston needed a good figure; all his previous ones haven’t felt right yet. This one makes up for it.

ILtT38 ILtT37

He has the best expression from previous versions which is the gooey figure. Which does match up perfectly to this specific scene in the movie … but no marshmallow. Same hairpiece from his other GB1 movie figures. As I’ve said before the uniforms are wonderful along with the removable proton pack.

ILtT39 ILtT40 ILtT41

We finally have an excellent version of Winston. And overall this is a spectacular set and a must have for any Ghostbusters fan. This is by far the best group of all four of the Ghostbusters with the best matching uniforms and proton packs. Now I just need to get one of DST’s Stay Puft banks so I can display them all together for Halloween!

MMC Score – 9.5 out of 10


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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