Marvel Wave 30’s variant figure is the Ultimate Universe version of Spider-Woman. This review will concentrate on just the variant figure, as the army-builder Vault Guard has already been reviewed earlier in the wave.


Standard Marvel cardboard carton with it’s control art and viewing windows to the front. This pack gets “Variant” displayed down the right hand side of the carton. The side flaps display photos of the Minimates within. The rear of the box features bio boxes of the characters in the 2 pack and a large ensemble photo of the entire wave.


The Figure

Ultimate Spider-Woman


So in the Ultimate Marvel Universe Spider-Woman is a female clone of Spider-Man. But it’s okay, she’s named herself Jessica Drew. As far as I’m concerned Ultimate characters are always welcome in my Minimate collection. I’m not really sure that this version of Spider-Woman really justifies its inclusion though.

The hairpiece is a re-use of the Jewel hair from the Secret Invasion boxset it’s a fair re-use as it does suit the character. The face is depressingly simple. A red mask, with ‘Spidey’ eyes set inside a large area of black. I’m assuming the mask is supposed to be all red and the black merely shadowing? It’s a lame mask otherwise.


The costume is also very simple, being a red bodysuit with a large white spider emblem on the chest. Body definition is kept to a minimum – it is obviously female, but not gratuitously so. There is a hint of contrast lines on the front of the legs and the tips of the hands are white. And that’s it. No detailing anywhere else. Nothing on the back at all.

I struggle to justify the inclusion of this figure in the wave. There’s nothing special about it at all. I understand it’s a variant to Spider-Girl but there are no extra parts. It’s just a plain ol’ Minimate, but one that costs twice the price of a normal ‘mate.

Ultimate Spider-Woman has no accessories, like most of the Minimates in this wave.

In conclusion: Sadly, a waste of a variant.

MMC Score – 5 out of 10



Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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