A familiar 2-pack pairing of Spider-Man and the Green Goblin that pays tribute to one of the best classic Spider-Man comics and comic covers of all times: Amazing Spider-Man #39. So does this set do honor to the classic? Read on True Believers!



The packaging is the old standard window box with control art below the windows. The sides have individual picture of the two figures. On the back are the mini-bios of each character along with group picture of all figures in this wave. The LCS wave 41 release of this set has the new larger window box.




The Figures

Unmasked Spider-Man

ASM#39 is seriously a great comic with great reveals and also the first time that Green Goblin figures out Spider-Man’s true identity. I know what you’re thinking, so if this is supposed to be unmasked then why is the picture on the box and the figure displayed with his mask on. Well, I don’t know, probably because Spidey’s mask is more recognizable than Peter Parker’s face and helps to sell the product better. But don’t worry, Peter’s underneath.

I do believe this is the first time we’ve had a character’s costume/design based off a comic cover. There was the Giant Size X-Men box set but their costumes in the comic looked the same. This one has the characters’ expressions from the cover. So slip off the Spidey mask and underneath Pete has that blank stare with matching style hairpiece. His torso shows his ripped shirt with costume underneath. He also has on his khaki pants with tears showing at his shins with a bit of webbing showing underneath. All the details are bright and stand out well, very little to no color bleeding that I can see.
Other than the slip on Spidey mask he comes with an extra webline. This figure provides a few options for customizers. You have your regular base figure, extra slip on mask and webline. With the tears showing for his costume you could always paint them for other characters in mid-transformation (Hulk and the Lizard come to mind).
The figure itself is well done and a good version for Peter Parker but the magic comes from displaying both in this set to recreate a classic.

MMC Score (figure itself) – 7 out of 10, (set together) 10 out of 10


Green Goblin

The big reveal! ASM#39 is the first time we as readers (and Spider-Man) find out that the Green Goblin is none other than Peter’s pal Harry Osborne’s dad, Norman Osborne!!! Dun dun daaaaaaa ……. oooooooh, GASP!!
And in another reveal, after almost a decade of minimate fans clamoring for it, we get true comic version Goblin Glider …… oooooooh, GASP!!
Like Peter, the Goblin’s costume and design is modeled after the comic cover. I love the expression on the Goblin’s face; big eyes, sly grin. The hat with ears is the same we’ve seen with previous Goblins. Although the colors overall for this figure are a lighter/brighter green and purple. They’ve included an extra head and hairpiece for Norman’s head/hair. Nice details on his face but I would have expected a more manic expression (he was starting to go off the deep end in the comic).
I do like the colors on the torso and arms. Especially like the touch of details for scales here and there on his arms and legs. He has separate buccaneer cuffs but regular feet; little surprised didn’t come with buccaneer boots to match.
Ahh the accessories! He comes with his usual purple purse and an extra hand with pumpkin bomb. The glider is real and it is spectacular! The design is perfect match to the comics. Even better there are peg holes in the bottom to allow an orange translucent flight stand to connect so he boost off the ground. As a bonus to complete the cover look we get the rope that fits around Peter, another great accessory. All these extras make for great fodder for other mates too.
As an individual figure he may not be the absolute best Green Goblin (the “best of” version has that honor IMO) but he’s darn near close to it. This set together is absolutely perfect and a must for any Spider-Man fan. While I’m not a big fan of repeats of characters, if you make ones like this where you’re recreating a classic cover, then I’m all for it!

MMC Score (figure itself) – 9 out of 10, (set together) 10 out of 10


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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