Marvel Minimates waves 17 and 18 feature characters from 2007’s summer blockbuster Spider-Man 3, sadly these Minimates were released too late to cash in on the hoopla from either the movie or DVD release. Here we have a pack containing wave 18’s variant figure, and Spidey’s love interest, Mary Jane, who is packaged with Unmasked Black Suited Spider-Man. As he’s has already been reviewed only the variant will be covered.


All the Spider-Man 3 Minimates in both waves 17 and 18 share a common design theme. A warped, blue tinted New York Skyline with the figures superimposed in front. The side flaps feature larger pictures of the Minimates while the back has a nice big ‘family’ portrait along with a whole slew of trademark logos and legal indicia. There is a “Variant Enclosed” legend in the top right.


The Figure

Mary Jane (Spider-Man 3)


Howls of derision greeted the first MJ (Comic-Con exclusive with Peter Parker) and even DST admitted they may have messed up with her. Let’s see how the movie version fares.

Well first off it looks nothing like either Kirsten Dunst or Mary Jane Watson from the comics. To be fair the face is certainly feminine but the worried expression it’s been given makes it look very unappealing. The hairpiece is new and looks quite good. I’d imagine we’ll be seeing the hair, recoloured of course, adorning a few other female ‘mates in the future.


The dark green outfit MJ wears is boring and (in context) unflattering. I’m not sure what was trying to be achieved with the skirt? If it was giving the impression of childbearing hips, then it’s succeeded. The detailing to the torso is minimal and struggles to show up against such a dark background. There’s a slight hint of boobage and a couple of lines to suggest MJ’s figure but all detail is barely discernible. The heart shaped necklace is nice though. Well done chaps!


The back is just as dull, though I’m sure MJ would be well impressed with the enormous backside that the skirt piece has bestowed upon her. One plus point for MJ is that as with Gwen Stacy she’d be welcome at any party worth going to. No pants on this red-head. Easy Tiger!

Mary Jane has no accessories, but I’m not sure what she could actually have as an accessory.

In conclusion, Mary Jane is no sex bomb, not even a controlled explosion. A waste of a variant.

MMC Score – 5 out of 10



Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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