Here is the TRU exclusive set for the premiere wave of Universal Monsters Minimates. Only one wave will be released each year just in time for Halloween. While the other figures in this wave will be available at your LCS this set will only be available at Toys R Us.


The packaging is the standard window box with control art below the windows. The sides have individual picture of the two figures. On the back are the mini-bios of each character along with group picture of all figures in this wave. The silver “TRU exclusive” foil mark is also on the front.


The Figures

The Creature from the Black Lagoon

Universal Monsters come from a series of horror/sci-fi films made by Universal Studios from 1923 to 1960. “The Creature from the Black Lagoon” is one such film that was released in 1954 featuring the monster Gill-man as said titular character. The film was in black in white and this exclusive set pays homage to this. Gill-man resides in a lagoon deep in the Amazon (the eerie Black Lagoon, oooooh). A missing link between land and sea creatures, Gill-man is drawn to the ladies. Homicidal tendencies aside he’s a pretty cool monster.

You’ll notice the entire figure is done in various degrees of black and white shades just as you would have seen in the original film. When these sets were first announced I’ll admit I was skeptical; but seeing it in person I am very impressed. The colors/shades are prefect.
The Creature’s face is very well done with a tremendous amount of detail. Very recognizable and true to the original down to the snake-like eyes. He has a new sculpted headpiece again very faithful to the original movie. Great detail on the gills and start of his fin on his back.

His torso piece too is a new sculpt complete with scales on the front and his fin on the back. More scale details are on his arms and legs. Underneath his torso piece is a blank gray torso. 
His hands and feet are both very detailed with clawed hands and feet along with wrist and ankle fins attached. So much has been put into this figure; you can see the little scales and nails on his hands and feet.

He doesn’t come with any accessories.
In conclusion, WOW! Seriously well done, so much detail, so faithful to the character’s design.

MMC Score – 10 out of 10



The Wolf Man

 “The Wolf Man” was released in 1941, it was actually the second werewolf movie from Universal Studios (“Werewolf of London” being the first). In this film Larry Talbot returns home to Wales, meets a girl, get’s bitten trying to rescue her from werewolf and he himself turns into a werewolf, then more chaos ensues.

This figure is the full on wolf form of Larry Talbot. The color uses the same grey shade scale as The Creature. He has a full head mask with detailed hair and ears. His teeth are bared and he has a nose! I’m not really digging the expression but it is a decent match to the movie. Maybe it’s just the nose throwing me off or could be that I just don’t like full masks. I’d rather have the head with facial detail and mask/hair piece to go around it. Anyways I’m not going to dock points for the mask, but I can for the horror that lies beneath it … a white blank head (dun dun daaaaaa!!!!!!!). Ok so that’s not so scary, but take a closer look. Mine was badly chipped and looks like there are little specks of dark colored mixed in with it (other people have reported of much more peppered looking ones too). It would have been nice to have an alternate head underneath, but I’d have settled for the same grey as the rest of the character. So keep the mask on, the underneath is scarier.

The torso has nice detail with his button down shirt with patches of hair breaking through on his chest, arms and legs. The hands and feet are new sculpted pieces. Both have the layers of hair along with nails/toes. They are nice but look more like big gloves and poofy slippers than impressive claws (all we need is a bathrobe cover and you could have an instant bedtime Spidey quick custom).
For accessories he has the silver-tipped wolf head walking stick. Very good detail on the wolf head and very relevant to the movie. The only bad part is due to his poofy hands he can’t really hold it, although technically he shouldn’t be holding it, it’s better for another character to hold (go see the movie, you’ll understand).

In conclusion, this is a good but not great figure. 
MMC Score – 6.5 out of 10

Review and pictures by Lurch77

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