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Several promos for the upcoming Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle minimate line were available at this year’s SDCC. Up first we have the leader of the group, Leonardo.



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Similar to the past Minimates given away at comic conventions, it is packaged in a small baggie.  The printed text is on a sticker attached to the baggie showing Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and convention name along with the Diamond Select Toys & Art Asylum logos.
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The Figure

Leonardo (Translucent Blue)

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My inner child of the 80’s & 90’s is totally freaking out over this new minimate line! There have been several TMNT comics, cartoons, movies, toys, reboots and more over the years since the turtles first hit the comics in 1984. Honestly the new Nickelodeon series is one of the best so far.
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You may be a bit surprised they went with the cylindrical minimate head instead of opting for a sculpted Turtle head; it works. His headpiece is a new piece altogether and is actually three separate pieces with two parts of the head and the bandanna sandwiched in between (check out pics here). Leo has simple details for his eyes and mouth.
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His torso cover is a large turtle shell that fits over the head peg. The details for his belt and sword scabbards are sculpted right onto the shell. He’s done in a deep blue translucent plastic. His arms and legs are also sculpted pieces. The forearm is built up with his arm wraps and elbow pad. The pad is a bit tight and gets in the way trying to bend the arm in certain positions. His hands look like they are a continuation of his forearm but thankfully they are separate pieces so you can move the hands around. His legs have sculpted details for his large turtle feet with wraps and knee pads.
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He comes with two translucent blue Katana swords that fit into the scabbards on his back.
This is a good start to what should be a totally awesome line!

MMC Score – Tubular


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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