Two gods are battling it out in this Marvel vs Capcom 3 TRU exclusive set. So which figure will reign supreme? Read on to find out….




The box is the new expanded window box so you can see both characters along with the accessories in the middle. The character names and control art bust shots are below the windows. The sides have individual control art of each character. On the back are the mini-bios of each character along with group picture of all figures in this wave. The top shows a cool piece of art of Wolverine and Ryu up close in battle. The silver “TRU exclusive” foil mark is also on the front. 
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The Figures



By now most everyone should know Thor, god of thunder, protector of Asgard, Avengers member, yada yada yada. If the outfit looks familiar it’s because we’ve seen it before in the TRU Heroic Age box set.


Thor’s helmet is well done with the white wings on the side with his long blonde hair showing in the back. His face has good details but Mr. Grumps here is missing his customary blue eye color.


His red cape is the excellent high arching one used since Armored Thor. Instead of a torso cover this time the chest detail is on the main torso block. It takes away some of the bulkiness (chubbiness) from the previous version and provides a crisp paint job. Even the waist cover had good details on it too. I also like the little added touch of his chainmail on his arms and legs. And the feet with attached boot fronts complete his attire.


For accessories this set comes with a clear flight base and a clear base stand. These bases work with either character. Thor also comes with Mjolnir AND the spinning version of Mjolnir (a must have for any minimate Thor collection).


This is a well done remake of a previously done outfit. Yes I know it’s this outfit because it’s the P1 version in the game but doesn’t change the fact they improved a previously released figure.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10




Amaterasu comes from the visually stunning Capcom game Okami. She a sun god that lost her physical form in battle. Her spirit was resurrected and set out to regain her powers and restore beauty to Nippon. It’s seriously a beautiful game worth checking out for those that haven’t tried it.


They did a great job of creating a wolf body with a minimate base. Her head is a fully sculpted piece with long wolf snout, pointed ears and set of teeth. The red details on her forehead and around her eyes really stand out against her white fur. For her torso she has a slim torso cover with disc on her back engulfed in beautiful translucent red/orange flames. The waist also has a slim cover with attached tail; love the swirls in her fur. Underneath is just a blank white torso and waist. There is unfortunately a flaw with her design; she keeps coming apart at the waist. The torso peg on the waist needs to be a good 1/3 to 1/2 size longer with the added overlap of the waist and torso covers there’s not much room left on the peg to stay together. It’s fine when you have her standing still but any movement in the figure and she’s going to come apart.


Her legs are minimate arms instead of the legs used before on Lockjaw and the Terror Dogs. Her front shoulders have again that cool swirl design and even her feet come with the little swirls on the ankles.


For an accessory you can use the clear flight base and fit into a hole on her belly to make her fly/jump. She’s also great for parts for creating other four legged creatures.


Apart from the too short torso peg this is an incredibly beautiful and well done figure.


MMC Score – 8 out of 10


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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