It’s been a long time since DST last visited Marvel’s Ultimate Universe. Wave 3 was an Ultimate X-Men extravaganza, but since then only Wave 6’s Ultimate Spider-Man has represented the Ultimate Universe. Fans have long clamored for Minimates based on the Ultimate U’s version of the Avengers, snappily called The Ultimates, and finally they’re here.


Standard Marvel fare. A large cardboard carton with windows through which the Minimates can be viewed. Minimate Spidey is as always a large presence on the packaging though this time around he somewhat obscures the Ultimates logo that has been placed on top of him. Under the windows is the usual control art of the characters as well as a background of pages from the comic book. The side flaps carry photos of the figures.

The back of the pack features photos of the entire wave and bio boxes relating to the figures within.


The Figures

Thor (Ultimates)

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Ultimate Thor is a marked contrast to his regular counterpart, being far less super-heroic in appearance. Out go the winged helmet, flowing cape, and primary colours. In come subdued tones, a possibly hi-tech source of his powers (his belt) and a feeling that this self proclaimed god may not possess all of his marbles. 

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The furrowed brow, slitted eyes and serious set to the mouth tell you all you need to know about this little guy: Don’t mess. The face on this ‘mate is fantastic, it positively radiates attitude. This is a good thing. Thor’s hair is a new piece and suits the character very well. I can’t see it being re-used all that much though. 

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A chest piece sits over the Torso block and beefs the character up by a lot. There’s a lot of different textures going on here. The slatted strips of armour, the indented circles which mirror the costume of the original Thor but are recessed and appear to glow with power. Then there’s the belt. A silver section of the chest block which gives a good contrast between the upper and lower halves of the figure. There’s a good amount of work gone into the chest piece and it pays off, especially the detail to the belt. Remove the chestpiece and you’ll find that Thor is ripped! There’s some heroic muscle definition going on there. Always nice to see that extra touch. 

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As with a lot of the more powerful Marvel characters Thor has an extra piece which clips over the T-piece. I can only assume that this is to help with the aesthetics of the figure. It would look silly going from that massive chest piece to a tiny waist, so I’m in favour of the more prolific use of this part. I was going to mention that Thor’s boots do not have the C3 hole in the base as this was quite interesting to me. Then I recalled a mistake I made in my first ever reviews for this site (X3) where I stated that the Juggernaut had C3 feet. I was swiftly corrected on this point. So checked and found that Thor’s boots are indeed a re-use of the Juggernauts. Amazing to think these parts haven’t been used for 12 waves and that someone remembered they existed. Regardless they look fine and don’t detract from the character at all. 

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As is right and proper Thor’s only accessory is the enchanted mallet Mjolnir. This Ultimate version of Mjolnir differs greatly from the regular hammer. It’s all silver and looks more like a regular hammer than the simpler stone mallet that we’re used to. If I have one complaint it’s that I think the hammer should be much bigger, but this could possibly over-balance the figure. 

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In conclusion, another great representation of an Ultimates character, but lacks visual oomph!

MMC Score – 7 out of 10


Nick Fury

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A marked contrast to the Nick Fury we’ve all known and loved. It was a piece of genius on the part of the creators to base the look of the character on Samuel L Jackson.

I think DST made a concerted effort to make this figure look like it’s comic book (and real-life) counterpart. I’d say it’s in the eyes but then I’d only be half right. There’s also the set of the mouth which I think really looks like the sort of expression you’d see on Jackson’s face. As with regular Fury the Ultimate version wears an eyepatch. Sadly the line that denotes the patch’s elastic band finishes halfway around Fury’s head. It’s also worth noting that it’s just as well he doesn’t need glasses as with his acute lack of ears they’d keep slipping off. Ah well, there’s always a monocle. 

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Fury’s the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. (I hate typing all those full stops) and as befits the head of a major intelligence organisation he wears a fairly subdued set of clothes. What? You really want blue and white spandex jumpsuits? Oh very stealthy! Unfortunately this leads to a fairly dull looking figure. Fury’s dressed all in black. The jacket appears to be a re-use but I’m not sure where from, possibly a Tony Stark? The only contrast is a touch of grey at the throat to suggest a colour and a little bit of silver belt buckle on the waist. There’s a holster on the black right leg but that’s also black.

Nick Fury is accessorised with a pistol. This pistol is also black. 

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In conclusion, this Minimate looks like it should, but again lacks that eye popping factor.


MMC Score – 6 out of 10


Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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