Here we have a pack containing two popular characters from the Fantastic Four – The ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing, and Reed Richard’s archenemy Doctor Doom.


Wave 4 was the first “proper” wave to feature the new, box-style Marvel Minimates packaging which now is an enclosed box with pictures of the Minimates in action poses, and Wave 5 continues this.


The Figures



The first figure in this set is one of the Fantastic Four; the Thing. The head has been really well done, with his blue eyes and large scowl along with the detailing of the rocky skin, he looks exactly as the Thing should. His head is crowned by a brow piece similar to the Grey Hulk, which has the ridges and crags of the rocky texture actually engraved rather than being painted lines.


The paint apps on this figure were always going to be crucial, as they have to convey the Thing’s “made from rock” exterior. Luckily both the detailing and the paint job itself is spot on, with not a line out of place. Like the Carnage Minimate, Thing’s rocky detailing covers the whole figure, and flows from the front, around the sides and along the back. Again, like the face, it looks exactly as it should, which is a huge credit to the designers.


Thing doesn’t officially have any accessories, but he does have something new which this wave makes a lot of use of – huge hands. There have been a few Minimates previously with unique hands, but these are enormous and make Thing look very intimidating. They have the rocky lines engraved on like the headpiece, and look great.


Overall, Thing works really well in Minimate form. Thing is one of the characters that should be bigger than the others but with the brow and the huge hands, they are adding something different to make Thing look bigger, which can only be encouraged.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10



Doctor Doom


The second figure in the set is Doctor Doom, one of the most recognisable and diabolical villians Marvel has ever produced.


This version of Doctor Doom is the most iconic version with the mask. Wave 5’s chase figure is a maskless Doctor Doom that shows his scarred face. The head on this figure fits nicely into the sculpted hood of his cape, and has a lot of detail on the mask itself. It’s silver and black and looks very ominous and not overtly cartoonish.


Doctor Doom’s costume is accurate and executed well, but not without flaws. The paint apps are good, espcially on the silver parts. His arms and legs are very similar to the Silver Surfer, adding black shading to the silver to make it stand out more. The cape is similar to Magneto’s cape, and the folds and creases in it are well done, making it look fairly natural. However, the hood and cape prevent the head and neck from moving, and the “skirt” hinders waist and leg movement.

Apart from the cape and skirt, Doctor Doom comes with no accessories. It would have been nice to see some kind of remote device or something which he could taunt superheroes with.


Overall, Doctor Doom is a nice addition to the villian Minimate ranks. His costume hinders some play aspects, but for the most part he’s a well-done figure. 

MMC Score – 7 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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