So who would be strong enough to stand up against the hammer wielding army of the Worthy? … The Mighty! This is one of the two Fear Itself box sets released. Let’s see just how mighty of a set it is …




The packaging is the tall window box with control art of Odin looming above and the Fear Itself logo in the middle. The sides have control art of the four figures. On the back is a mini-bio of The Mighty characters story along with group picture of all figures in this box.
Mighty03 Mighty02


The Figures



With a little help from Iron Man, Spidey gets an upgraded outfit to battle the Worthy.
Even though this figure has a darker color; the detail lines are bright and crisp. The webbing is top notch, even all around, especially what’s normally a trouble spot on the back of his head.
The rest of his outfit continues the great web detail. Only missing part is back and inside of his heels. Spidey comes with two newly created bracelets with long curved blade. Thankfully they didn’t skimp on detail so underneath on his forearms it still has web detail.
Besides the claws for an accessory he comes with a webline.
I know we get tons of Spider-Man minimates but they are a more than welcome addition to your collection when they look this amazing!

MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Iron Man


In order to stand a chance against the Worthy, Stark gets to use Odin’s workshop to create some weapons. He makes a nice little upgrade to his Iron Man armor by coating it with Asgardian uru.
Iron Man has a basic slip on mask for his helmet which is a bit odd as we’re used to sculpted pieces (only 6 out of 54 IM figures have had the basic slip on mask). Regardless still looks cool with good details. Underneath is an intense looking Stark with gritted teeth. He comes with a spare black hairpiece.
Mighty11 Mighty10
The rest of the figure is silver/grey with black and orange details. The orange looks really good as the flex parts in his armor (very Destroyer like).
Mighty12 Mighty13
He comes with a red blast base for him to take flight. For customizing the simple silver/grey hands and feet are definitely useful. 

He has a simplistic design for an Iron Man but it goes to show you that great details can really make a simple figure really stand out.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10




As part of the team assembled to battle the Serpent’s forces, Hawkeye gets upgraded weapons and a snazzy new outfit.
Mighty16 Mighty17
Hawkeye’s mask has longer flared tips than he’s had on previous versions. If it didn’t have that H on his forehead you could easily mistake it for one of Wolverine’s masks. Underneath is Clint’s scowling face. He comes with a blonde hairpiece.
Mighty18 Mighty19
He has an excellent shoulder harness with quiver. I really like accessories like this; you get the added depth/dimension with the belts but the figure remains slim instead of using a full torso cover and making him look too bulky. The rest of the base figure is fully Tron-ed out, yellow lines and circles all over. He also has small bracelets, loincloth and boots.
Mighty21 Mighty22 Mighty23
For accessories he comes with a bow (Tron-ed out as well) and three translucent yellow arrows (light arrows?!). The bow itself has a notch that can hold an arrow. Remove the extras, pop on another head and you have a figure that could come right out of The Grid. The boots, quiver, and bow/arrows make great fodder as well.

Honestly the outfit is a bit odd but it’s well done.


MMC Score – 8 out of 10




Ahh, sibling rivalry! The Serpent seeks to reclaim the throne of Asgard he contends was usurped by his brother, Odin, father to Thor, when the latter vanquished him ages ago. Now the Serpent is back and Odin has to do all in his power to keep his throne.

I love his helmet!  The detail on just his helmet is incredible; little crown on the front with detailed ram’s horns on the side. Underneath is good facial detail with his eye patch and white beard.


He has a high collared gold torso cover/armor with attached white cape and loincloth. What’s nice is his helmet fits well even with the collar. Not sure if those gloves have been used before but they’re a good addition to his armor. His boot fronts are not attached to his feet but rather attach on the foot pegs. Under all this armor is a gold base torso with baby blue arms and legs. This contrast of color makes Odin stand out compared to other the darker tone figures in this box.


He comes with his gold staff. He’s another good figure for fodder with good base pieces as well as accessories. 

In conclusion a strong finish to an excellent box set.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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