Here we have a Minimate exclusive from the 2007 San Diego Comic Convention. Just prior to the San Diego Comic Con 2007 Diamond Select Toys announced a Minimate-themed scavenger hunt which starred this little guy, the Hunt-Mate. As far as I know he’s not officially called Hunt-Mate but that’s what the fandom ended up naming him. Quite a few members of Minimate Multiverse took part in the hunt, one memorable thread is here and the eventual winner ended up joining Minimate Multiverse a few months later. In February 2008 this figure was re-branded with a Toyfair logo (similar to the white Toyfair blank) and put in a 2008 Toyfair baggie.


Nothing to set the world alight, the standard DST baggie with a sticker on one side. The sticker proclaims that this is “The Hunt 2007: A Minimate adventure”.

HuntMateBagBack HuntMateBagFront


The Figure

“The Hunt” Exclusive


He’s a cool looking dude this Hunt-Mate. He’s got a bit of a punk/biker style bald head and goatee going on. I’ve a feeling his appearance may well be based on either an employee at Art Asylum or DST, or a friend of the designer. I could be wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time. The eyes are very dark with no pupil detailing which makes him appear as if he’s squinting against the sun. Quite apt for San Diego I’d imagine. 


The Hunt-Mate wears a black t-shirt with a very sharp Minimate design on the front and on the back it repeats the “The Hunt 2007 a Minimates adventure” legend from the baggie. I’m quite impressed with both prints. The writing on the back is incredibly sharp considering the size of the font, and the design on the front is equally sharp.

The Hunt-Mate wears cargo pant style shorts that have been well applied and have pockets detailed on the front. He also has the most awesome pair of Minimate style Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars. One of the most recognisable cult sport shoes known to man or Minimate kind. The detailing on the ankle star is amazing considering how tiny it is.

The Hunt-Mate has no accessories, but he does look very cool on a Minimate-sized skateboard. I stole mine from a Xander Palz but I’m sure something appropriate could be found in a Back to the Future Minimate set. Hunt-Mate has a solid head and C3 feet.

As usual for the promo exclusive reviews, this doesn’t get an actual MMC score, but it’s great to see DST/AA applying some imagination to a convention exclusive. You could even call this the first civilian Minimate. He has no ties to any particular Minimate licence and could fit quite nicely into a Marvel or DC-based diorama.


Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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