So we come to wave 7 of the much missed DC Minimates. We know these figures are old news now, being a couple of years old, but we would certainly be remiss if we did not finish up reviewing the line here at Minimates Central.

DC wave 7 was, as usual for DC, another strange mix of characters, with some more obscure choices alongside a couple of redo’s of Minimates that first featured in the C3 line.



DC seemed to like to stick to a distinctive look for their mates. The blister card is the same on all releases. I have to confess to having disposed of the packaging for these ages ago, so am unable to review it. However packaging for this line was fairly generic, but if you feel your life is incomplete without seeing it, then please avail yourself of the photos at the excellent Minimate Database. 


The Figures

The Flash

This is the third Minimate version of the Flash, if you count the two C3 Flashes, one which came with Martian Manhunter and the Javelin and one with it’s own Mini-Flyer. These were very good figures in their own right, so let’s see what’s been updated for this Flash.

Although at first glance this is a very similar Flash to what has come before it should be noted that this is the first to have actual eyeholes in the mask. These line up perfectly with the eyes of the figure and means it has a much better look, aesthetically. This Flash’s ear pieces are far more subtle looking; more like wings than the lightning bolt of previous versions.

At first I thought that this was the silver age Flash Barry Allen, but as far as I can recall Barry had blonde hair, and the hair piece included with this ‘mate is definitely red. So I can only conclude that this is the modern Wally West Flash as seen in the comics, rather than based on the JLA/JLU animated series.

The costume is excellent. There’s a very slight discrepancy in shade between the red of the chest block and the reds of the arms and legs. This isn’t enough to detract from the figure though. Detailing is generally quite tight though the tampo on the left wrist looks as though it’s gone slightly awry as the red of the arm can be seen quite clearly through it. The chest has a heavy print denoting musculature. I’m not sure I’m in favour of such heavy definition on a figure like Flash as to me he should suggest speed and athleticism rather than powerhouse strength. Rather than the usual Minimate footpiece Flash’s feet are specific to his character, so he has molded grips on the underside. I love this. It’s such a cool little touch on a part that will very rarely be seen.

Flash has no accessories.

In Conclusion: A worthwhile update to a core character, with some really good ideas.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10


Gorilla Grodd

A super intelligent telepathic ape whose plans are constantly frustrated by The Flash. You can’t not love Gorilla Grodd!

The huge chestpiece on this figure kind of defeats the blocky aesthetic we all know and love, but unlike Clayface there’s a lot more Minimate to be seen. At least he’s got a head! Grodd’s face declares a keen intelligence behind the eyes. A very evil grin, and the ‘mate shares the distinction with Ghost Rider of being one of the few Minimates to have a nose. I suspect the hairpiece has come from a Lord of the Rings Minimate but I could be wrong.

Now the bad news… I am at a loss to explain the colouring on this figure. To me Grodd should be gorilla coloured. That means lots of black hair, with flesh contrast on the face, torso, feet, and hands. This guy is grey on grey. I just cannot understand why DCD went with this colour palette?

Being based on the 2 1/2″ body means that Grodd towers over regular ‘mates. The hairpiece and chestpiece gives him a lot of added mass. Grodd also has unique (to him) hands and feet. The hands are interesting as they have clearly defined fingers; something not often seen on a Minimate. The feet are great as they even have opposable toes sculpted into them. Also both ‘boots’ are unique with different sculpting around the knee. Bizarrely the feet have C3 peg holes in them.

Grodd is accessorised with what I initially assumed was a human skull, but as it’s from a larger scale Minimate I guess it must belong to another ape?

In Conclusion: The colour choice absolutely ruins what should have been a great figure.

MMC Score – 5 out of 10


Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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