We’ve seen the classic version of this creature before but do these variations hold up to the original? More reviews of things that go bump in the night to follow.



These figures are available in two different packs. One is a special “The Creature from the Black Lagoon” 4-pack that was available at LCS. It has the standard large window box with the title logo at the bottom and picture of the creature on the top. The sides have the control art of the 4 figures and on the back are the figures along with a bio of the film. Both the color and glow in the dark Creature is in the 4-pack. Toys R Us also had these figures packed with other characters. The color version was packed with Dr. Reed and the glow in the dark version was packed with Transformation Wolf Man. The packaging is the standard window box with control art below the windows. The sides have individual picture of the two figures. On the back are the mini-bios of each character along with group picture of all figures in this wave.


The Figures

The Creature from the Black Lagoon (color version) 

Universal Monsters come from a series of horror/sci-fi films made by Universal Studios from 1923 to 1960. “The Creature from the Black Lagoon” is one such film that was released in 1954 featuring the monster Gill-man as said titular character. Gill-man resides in a lagoon deep in the Amazon (the eerie Black Lagoon, oooooh). A missing link between land and sea creatures, Gill-man is drawn to the ladies. Homicidal tendencies aside he’s a pretty cool monster. The film itself was in black in white but like all great b&w classics what better way to celebrate them then colorizing.

This is the exact same sculpt and details as the Black and White version I reviewed before. The only difference is the color, this time he has a gator green color all over with the yellowish tan underbelly. I also really like the greyish color used for the backfins and gills. Great paint apps all around, especially the little touches like on his hands. The only negative thing I can say is I wish the face had a different expression. It’s a very iconic look but would have been nice to have it with an angry face or something.

He doesn’t come with any accessories but lots of good parts for customizing though. The arms and legs work well for any reptilian character along with the hands and feet too.

In conclusion, a great character that works very well as a minimate. Personally I like the black & white version the best but just like the movies colorization doesn’t keep it from still being a classic.

MMC Score – 9.5 out of 10


The Creature from the Black Lagoon (Glow in the Dark)

Ok, you know the story; I’ve given you the cliff notes version twice now. I can’t say that I recall it actually glowing in the movie, perhaps in a sequel that I missed; or maybe monsters are just scarier when they glow in the dark.
Same exact parts and even same details as the other two. Again would have been nice to have a different expression. This time around it has the white colored plastic. It’s not much in regular light, it looks rather washed out. But flip the lights off and that’s when the fun starts; it has that eerie green glow.
He doesn’t come with any accessories either but a great base for anyone wanting to create their own glow in the dark character.

In conclusion another great figure. Bring on more of the glow in the dark monsters!

MMC Score – 9.5 out of 10


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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