The Terminator 2 license was an interesting one for DST to pick up. One of the most influential and successful films of its generation, at the dawn of Hollywood’s obsession with CGI. The line of Minimates didn’t do badly in terms of sales, certainly not up there with those of Ghostbusters, but sadly not successful enough for TRU to be satisfied with it. The proposed wave 2 was cut down by TRU’s refusal to stock another T2 wave, leaving only the comic/specialty store wave to take care of business. Thus only 3 of the 4 mooted packs ever came out. This set sees the T-1000 once again paired up with Sarah Connor.


The Terminator 2 two-pack packaging is the same for this wave as it was for wave one. A nice, bold title graphic, control art, and on the back a showing of all the figures (including the liquid-metal T-1000 and a battle-damaged Endoskeleton that would have been the TRU exclusive).





The Figures

Motorcycle Cop T-1000

This figure was first seen as Silver T-1000 in the Terminator 2 single packs. It does make sense to recolour it and use it again as the motorcycle cop is a distinctive look for the T-1000, and we all know DST are not averse to reusing sculpted pieces, such as the motorcycle helmet and jacket.

So, this is essentially the Silver T-1000 done in colour. The head is the same – same expression, same mirrored shades. The silverness of the original meant that they didn’t have to paint the helmet – strangely they have done an excellent job on the tiny badge details on the front, which is great, but done very poorly on the black detailing on the peaked front and all around the side and back of the helmet.

His outfit is the same too, with the police motorcycle jacket, and the belt. This was all to be expected. What wasn’t expected is that they threw in a nice bonus – a blade arm for the T-1000. I don’t think he actually uses this in this outfit, as I believe he uses it when attacking the asylum when the others are escaping in a lift, but it’s a great addition to differentiate the two figures. I assume the Asylum Assault T-1000 was packing too much stuff for it to be included with him.

Oh, and if you remove the motorcycle jacket, instead of a “clean” shirt like the silver T-1000 has, this one gets a damaged police uniform. Not quite as shot up as the Asylum Assault version, but enough to stop it being used as a regular police outfit (that and the fact he has black arms). Basically this one adds a “with shades” look to the regular-looking T-1000 cop you can make with the other two T-1000s in the line.

He gets a regular hand to use as an alternative to the blade arm, and the ubiquitous wrongly-coloured silver pistol.

In conclusion, the weakest of the main-line T-1000s, but with enough added to make him worth picking up, even if you already have the silver version of him.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10


Battle Damaged Sarah Connor

This Sarah Connor is taken from the end of the film, after she has been relentlessly pursued by the T-1000. Battle Damaged Minimates are often a cheap way to shoe-horn in another variant of a main character but here, in the T2 line, this is a fundamental and iconic look for her.

The facial expression on Battle Damaged Sarah Connor mimics the determined set of the eyes and gritted teeth look of the Inmate version, but for different reasons. You can see she is bleeding freely from a head wound, and has dirt and scuff-marks all over her face. Her hair is no longer in a ponytail, and hangs down just above her shoulders. It’s a unique look in terms of female Minimates, but the expression and detailing really draw you in.

The chest block has simple detail of the black T-shirt, with no chest detailing at all. However it does not look plain due to the finely detailed tactical strapping/webbing and belt. These two pieces are very cleverly done, allowing them to look like one piece due to the knife in its sheath being attached to both. However it is just an illusion, and both pieces can separate, allowing for more freedom of movement.

Battle damage detailing can be found on her arm, where she has been shot clean through her shoulder, and her leg, which sports a bandage unsuccessfully trying to staunch a bloody wound. It has to be said that the level of battle damage detail on this figure is very well executed.

Battle Damaged Sarah Connor is accessorised with a gun – what else would she have? It’s a very nicely sculpted and detailed shotgun. The only drawback is that it’s a bit of a claw-killer, as the thickness of the handle pushes out the hands of the Minimate holding it.

In conclusion, an essential figure brought to us with a large amount of style and detail. Another high recommendation for the T2 line.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10

Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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