Wrapping up today’s Valentine’s Day reviews is the final figure from the first Femme Fatales box set, Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose. Many moons ago there was a Tarot 4-pack that never quite saw the light of day. But the Femme Fatales line came along and poof, here she is!



FFb1 01

The packaging is a large size blister card that show off the figures in the foreground. There’s an insert with the large Femme Fatales logo along with logos for each of the character’s comics: Dawn, Darkchylde, Lady Death and Tarot Witch of the Black Rose. The back has a group shot of the figures in this set along with paragraph for each figure/comic.  
FFb1 02


The Figure

Tarot Witch of the Black Rose

FFb1 23


Tarot has a … well, let’s call it “interesting” comic storyline. I won’t go into details, you can google it for yourself; I’ll just put the write-up from the box: “Tarot is the swordmaiden of the Black Rose coven, charged with keeping the balance between Mankind and Magick. Tarot users her Magick and enchanted sword to battle the forces of darkness.”

FFb1 27 

Tarot hairpiece is truly top-notch. It’s has deep red highly sculpted hair with a Mardi Gras black and gold mask and two short clip pegs where two curved black horns can attach. The eyeholes match up fairly well to her eyes underneath. She has good simple facial details with eyes that have long eyelashes and are somewhat cross-eyed (I’m not judging, just saying is all).

FFb1 24FFb1 25 

She has a black cape with purple underneath which is also easily removed. Her torso, waist, arms and legs are very intricately detailed. She also gets the title of minimate with the smallest thong ever!

FFb1 26 

You may not notice as it is well concealed but she comes with a sword sheath that attaches with a little piece between the torso and waist. It’s small but I really like the little gold interlacing details on the attachment to the sheath. Her sword is another well done accessory. For customizers that hairpiece has to be great for parties. And her cape and sword/sheath make for good fodder too.

FFb1 28 

Another well-crafted figure for an altogether impressive Femme Fatales box set.

FFb1 29

MMC Hearts– 9 out of 10


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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