The whole 51st wave of  Marvel Minimates, was centered around Marvel’s line-wide “Marvel Now!” initiative of 2013. Given it was based around the entirety of the Marvel line, there was definitely some variety, even within the packs.  Today, we set our sights on two characters who have virtually nothing to do with each other, Superior Spider-Man and Nova!

The Packaging

These two use the expanded window packaging, which was the standard by this point.  Wave 51 had a purple background color, matching up with the similarly-themed TRU Waves 16 & 17.  It’s pretty slick looking, and shows off the figures well.  For pictures of it, head on over to this pair’s Minimate Database entry.

The Figures

Superior Spider-Man

First up, it’s the man himself:  Spider-Man.  Okay, actually that’s a lie.  In actuality, it’s *Superior* Spider-Man, from that time when Doctor Octopus overwrote Peter Parker’s mind for a bit.  Because comics. Anyway, this figure is based on the initial design of Superior Spider-Man, which was a bit more of a minor change than the one that followed.

Spidey is a “vanilla mate”, meaning he’s got no sculpted add-ons, just paint on the basic body. It might have been nice to get maybe some clawed hands or something, but overall, the plain jane look works for Spidey.

The paintwork is actually really nice.  All of the detail lines are nice and clean, and the web pattern even continues all the way around the wrists, which is a detail that’s been missing from a fair share of Spider-Men.

Spider-Man includes a webline, a clear display stand, and a jump stand that allows you to display him mid-swing.  The stand is definitely fun, and I’m always happy to see it crop up.

Superior Spider-Man’s first look was his less distinct one, so this figure doesn’t stand-out quite as much as the one that followed in Wave 17.  Still, he’s a decent offering, and a credible Spider-variant.

MMC Score — 8 out of 10

Nova (Sam Alexander)

Since the original Earth-based Nova Richard Rider had died during “Thanos Imperative”, Marvel was in need of an All-New, All Different one.  Enter Sam Alexander, son of former Black Nova operative Jesse Alexander. And then enter Richard Rider again.  Because Comics.  But it’s okay, Sam’s still sticking front and center, joining the Avengers and then the Champions, which has kept him pretty well in the spotlight.

He’s got a sculpted helmet, shoulder pads, and gloves.  All are new pieces to this figure, and they’re mostly pretty good.  They’re accurate to McGuinness’ artwork from Sam’s first book, and suit the body well.  My only real complaint is the shoulder pads, which are really loose.  That’s probably the reason they were replaced when this figure was re-issued in TRU Wave 17.

The paint on Nova isn’t terrible, though there is some noticeable slop and a few fuzzy lines.  It’s not the worst I’ve seen, but it keeps the figure from being “great”.

Nova includes spare Sam hair, a basic flight stand, and a display stand.

Like Spider-Man, Nova turned up again in TRU Wave 17, but that release offers up a bunch of additional pieces.  By comparison, this one’s passable, but a little bland.

MMC Score — 7 out of 10

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Review and pictures by Glantern.

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