DC wave 6 was another strange mix of characters, with name recognition not as high as for previous waves.

Alas DC Minimates. I knew you well. Let’s face it, we’re extremely late with these reviews. The Minimate avalanche since 2008 has shown no sign of abating and the late and much lamented DC line has been late and much neglected by MMC. We’re aiming to fix that in the first quarter of 2010. Stick with us kids.



DC seemed to like to stick to a distinctive look for their mates. The blister card is the same on all releases. The only differences being the featured character on the inlay (this time being Supergirl) and obviously the photos on the back of the card. 


The Figures


Supergirl, Kara Zor-El, No wait.. Isn’t she Linda Danvers? She’s Superman’s cousin, or sometimes a protoplasmic entity called Matrix, or sometimes magic. It’s all plop really. This is Supergirl, she’s the female version of Superman. This Minimate is based on the artwork of Michael Turner, who drew the character for her relaunch a couple of years ago.

The first thing you notice about this Minimate is the hair. It’s big, it’s blonde, it’s everywhere! It’s over the shoulders, it’s down the back, it hangs over one eye, it flares away to one side. Seriously, someone had a fun time designing this piece. It’s a great looking piece too, though it does severely limit articulation at the neck. Supergirl’s face has one of those bland neutral expressions that Art Asylum seem to love so much. There’s nothing wrong with it as such, it just bugs me that there always seems to be a lack of attitude to the female Minimates, whereas the male ones range from neutral to totally pissed off, via intense.

The costume is well represented here. As mentioned, this is modern Supergirl so she’s been given a belly shirt and there are slight hints of belly definition and an almost unnoticeable nod towards a bust. All the paint lines are crisp and clean especially, and I’ve only just noticed this as I write this review around the area at the end of the wrists. For some reasons Supergirls sleeves end just past her wrists so the paint app has to continue on the minimate claw. This has been handled exceptionally well, especially the tiny area of yellow piping at the very end of the sleeves. Nice work. Non standard parts on this ‘mate include a skirt which I believe to be a one-off, I certainly don’t recall seeing that belt detail before, and a cape. The cape also appears to be a one off and has a nice dramatic-looking swirl to it.

Supergirl has no accessories

In conclusion: Simply a lovely looking Minimate.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10



Bizarro am very handsome and am Superman’s best friend always. Bizarro am perfect version clone of imperfect Superman.

Bizarro’s face am very nice and look terrible in Minimate form.

Stupid DC Direct people remember Bizarro’s ‘Bizarro No: 1’ pendant. This am not important detail at all. Bizarro’s cape look nothing like cape worn by C3 Superman Minimate. Look not anything like cape worn by Marvel Minimates Sentry figure from wave 13 either.

This Bizarro Minimate am not at all faithful to famous hero character. It costume colour am all wrong. ‘S’ logo am right way round. It am right way round on back of cape too.

Bizarro, not at all muscly on chest. Definition very faint. It am no good. Skin colour is black. This am right.

Bizarro have many accessories. Just like in comic.

In Conclusion: Me am not liking this Bizarro at all. It am rubbish bad. It not good to get more of Superman’s rogues gallery in Minimate form.

Bizarro Score – 1 out of 10 (Non-Bizarro Score – 9 out of 10)


Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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