Note: This review mentions the 2021 series, “WandaVision,” but no spoilers for the show are written within.

Marvel and Disney have started off 2021 by rolling out their first feature-esqe MCU show: WandaVision! Seeing as how we most likely aren’t getting any sets based off the series, I thought we could go back to 2016 and examine a comic con exclusive set that included both titular heroes. This tied into the various waves of Captain America: Civil War film based Minimates that came through the regular wave channels as well as Toys R Us. This set gives us one character we dearly needed as well as one that I’m still curious as to who even asked for it.

The Packaging

Whose Team Are You On?

The box had the same artwork as the other Civil War 2-packs, including Cap and Iron Man standing together despite their differences in the film. We have an SDCC logo on the front, identifying this set as an exclusive to that con. The back showcases Wanda and Vision in the middle of a series of portraits of the other figures from this film’s release. Check out the box art for yourself on the database here.

The Figures

Suited Vision

The Vision is a sentient artificial intelligence housed in a highly advanced synthetic body. Since joining the Avengers, Vision has endeavored to further understand humans and his place among them. Though he has yet to come to a definitive conclusion, Vision knows it is his responsibility to use his incredible powers to protect the world in which he now lives.

Alright, here he is. Again, I’m not sure who asked for this figure, but nevertheless, he’s here! Suited Vision sports the generic suit and tie body with the only alterations being his head and hands. The hands are a dark red color matching the majority of Vision’s “skin” tone. As for the head, it appears to be exactly the same as the other Civil War Vision figure’s head, just being a slight amount darker. Not much can be said for these basic suit figures, but what can be discussed is the placement of one in this position in the Civil War series.

First off, how could yet another generic suit figure be a con exclusive? The simplicity and detail of the figure is great, but I could really see this warming pegs as part of the regular wave, or at least being picked up for the other figure. At best, perhaps a collector is completely without a Vision figure at all and they take the head and hands to custom build their own from other parts. This as an exclusive, however, is just bizarre to me. Secondly, why is Vision in a suit? Throughout the film, we see him wear various sweaters in the Avengers base until he goes into battle (in which he just wears a cape). I like the idea of a “civilian” Vision figure, but to do it, it would have to be depicting something he’s actually worn. Vision, throughout his entire MCU film existence, has never worn a suit. Now that we have WandaVision, however, Vision has been seen in such clothing. While the suit here and those depicted in the show aren’t exactly the same, at least the series has given this figure a decent reason to exist. Overall, he’s not a bad figure, but he’s nothing special either.

MMC Score — 5 out of 10

Scarlet Witch

A product of secret HYDRA experiments, Wanda Maximoff once believed the Avengers to be her enemies. However, after fighting beside them to protect her homeland in the battle of Sokovia, she realized that her one-time foes were in fact a force for good. As the Scarlet Witch, Wanda must learn to control her uncanny powers in order to aid humanity alongside her new allies.

On the complete other side of the spectrum, we have the Scarlet Witch. First seen in (essentially) this costume in 2015’s “Age of Ultron,” Wanda has needed a definitive cinematic adaptation ever since. This figure only has one flaw in my eyes, and that is the depiction of Elizabeth Olsen’s face. It’s mostly right, and I can see what they were going for, but there’s always felt like something is off about it. To be fair, however, we’ve seen much worse actor/actress depictions in Minimates before (I’m looking at you, “X-Men Origins” Deadpool), so I give that a pass.

Outside of that, this figure is pretty flawless. The printing on the torso is greatly detailed as well as the slight printing on the legs. The fingerless gloves work great and even translate to the hex hands. The hex symbols, despite being common by this time, still work great for display purposes. The separate parts of the figure, those being the dress and hair, both allow for maximum motion while not sacrificing anything for the look. The colors are consistent and this figure really just overall looks great. I was initially just glad to get Wanda’s hero costume but ended up pleasantly surprised by the quality of the figure.

MMC Score —¬† 8 out of 10


This is a very mixed bag of a set. Both figures leave something to be desired, one much more than the other, but nevertheless, I’m glad we have it. The Civil War series would have had some holes without it, and I can never pass up another con exclusive. I still wish Vision could have come out different, but hey, with WandaVision, now he works, and that’s what this review was supposed to be all about!

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Review and pictures by Dash Hauenstein.

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