~snif~ ~snif~ Have you checked the oven? The turkey’s not burning, is it? Something smells toasted! Perhaps it’s our next stuffed friend; the Toasted Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Vinyl Bank.

Oh my, he doesn’t look happy! But he does look really cool!


This is the same sculpt as the TRU exclusive however one difference is the plastic feels stronger and perhaps a bit thicker (even though I put them on a scale and they weigh the same). His color is the white marshmallowy tone that you would expect with that little bit of blue highlights on the folds and tips of each puff.

PuftB03 PuftB04 PuftB05

To give the toasted look he has patches of toasted marshmallow all over his head and body. The toasted parts are very highly detailed vinyl stickers with a rim of burnt looking spray around. I’m kinda surprised that the details weren’t painted directly on but the vinyl stickers give a much higher detailed design. It really does look exactly like a toasted marshmallow.


This version is great to display with the Ghostbusters with their proton packs on and beams shooting at Stay Puft. The burnt part on his belly is in a perfect position. Also put a battery operated tea light inside and watch him glow!


Another great version and perfect addition to your collection!
Now is the food about ready, I’m getting hungry! Stay tuned for one more after meal special to see just how stuffed we can get!


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