Happy Holidays! We hope everyone is having a safe and fun week and enjoying some time with family…. now on to business.

Choose! Choose the form of the Destroyer!


The choice is made! Someone must be cooking some sweet potato casserole and thinking about the marshmallow topping. Ahhh, I remember the days we used to roast Stay Puft Marshmallows, on the fire at Camp Waconda…

PuftA01 PuftA02 PuftA03

So up first we have DST’s Toys R Us exclusive Stay Puft Marshmallow Man vinyl bank. This is a 8″ bank done in pink/red plastic; very similar to the Exploding Stay Puft minimate. If you want to try something fun, stick one of those small battery operated tea light inside and watch him glow red. I love the design and sculpt they have created; it matches his design from the film so perfectly. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a better design on another Stay Puft collectible.

PuftA04 PuftA06 PuftA05 PuftA07

As a bank he has a slot in the back of his neck-piece that is wide enough to take up to a half-dollar coin. His legs and torso are hollow so there’s plenty of space to fill him full of coins. Now some coins will go to his feet but the open area is wide enough that you won’t have to worry about coins getting stuck. His arms are also hollow but attached in a way to the torso that no coins will pass to them. You wouldn’t think that a vinyl bank has articulation but this one does (sorta); his head comes off so that you can get the coins out but you can use this to turn his head left or right (+1 articulation!).


Back to some of the details; his face has a wonderful angry grin with menacing eyes. His cap has Stay Puft written on the rim. One word of warning though; be careful when pulling his head off to open him up. Pull on his head rather than just the cap. I’ve noticed the cap plastic will start to crack with too much stress/pressure; sadly mine must have had too much pulling in the store. Another feature I really like is his hands; love the stacked marshmallows for fingers. Again the overall design is superb.

PuftA09 PuftA10

He packaged in an open box and attached with ties around his arms and legs. If the figure isn’t eye-catching enough check out the details on the box. You have the Ghostbusters logo, name and picture of Stay Puft on the front. Behind him is a glowing ghost trap with a big TRU exclusive logo sticker. On the back there is a nice little write up about him along with other Ghostbusters figures that DST offers.


And last but certainly not least, minimates. These vinyl banks are awesome to have with minimates and they fit well with minimate displays. Yeah, the scale for Stay Puft vs human may not be accurate but is it so much fun to see your minimate Ghostbusters take him on!

So if you’re a Ghostbusters fan, minimate collector or both, you will want to get your hands on one of these vinyl banks!

Stay tuned later today for another stuffed holiday special!

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