A little something different today for Groundhog’s Day, one of the many interesting creations from the mind of Luke!



Well, it’s a box that came packaged in a bag in a box. It has its own set of quirky instructions. 



Sewer Fan

So for the official description from Luke’s Toy Store website:
Striking Dioramas are a custom made series of dioramas that allow you to create colorful and dynamic displays! They are made of a material called chipboard, which is several layers of cardboard pressed and fused together to make a much stronger material. The graphics are printed on our polyfocus polyester film that resists light wear and tear, including the shuffling of tiny minimate feet. You can change up your display as many times as you like and the diorama will still look brand new!
So what’s the real scoop on these? Do they live up to expectations … let’s find out.
The setup of these are very simple and easy to do. You take the backdrop and put it in place on the platform, that’s it. A couple drops of super-glue to keep it in place or like I did just use a bit of putty. The chipboard is heavy/sturdy enough to hold tons of minimates (or other mini figs) but also light enough that you can easily pick it up and move it as needed.
The graphics are really good, very clear. The fan on the sewer display I have really looks like a separate piece and not just a picture. Luke has several different displays and all look impressive; that large rooftop one looks especially cool.
Displaying figures is easy too, just setting them in place and if needed a small amount of putty on the feet will hold them. The good part is the putty doesn’t damage the display. I had mine all over the base part, left it there for a while but afterwards no mark at all and it comes right off. You can also use a bit of putty on the background and have figures hang too.

Overall I’m very impressed by these displays. They’re simple to setup, hold up well and are perfect for displaying minimates or any type of mini figs.

MMC Score – 10 out of 10


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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