Marvel Minimates Wave 60 pays tribute to the X-Men during one of their most popular decades: the ‘90s.  With the X-Men, it’s hard to get more 90s than Jubilee, chilidog-eating-mall-babe.   She shows up in Wave 60, paired up with Brotherhood of Evil Mutants member (and Mystique’s long-time significant other) Destiny.


Sorry guys, I opened this pair before getting a shot of their packaging.  It’s the same as the rest of the Wave, with some of the character specific stuff changed.  It’s also pretty much the same as most of the other Marvel stuff.


The Figures

Strike Force Jubilee


This figure marks Jubilee’s third entry in the Marvel Minimates line, which is a surprising number for a character who was only in the public eye for a single decade. But hey, 90s X-Men, what are you gonna do? Jubilee, like the rest of this series’ X-Men, is presented here in her Strike Force uniform. It’s not really one of her standard looks, but she fits with the rest of the team.

Jubilee has sculpted parts for her hair/sunglasses, gloves, and leg straps. The uniform parts are the same as the rest of the X-Men; they’re good matches for the source material and are very nicely sculpted parts. At first glance, I thought the hairpiece might be re-used from X-Force’s Boom-Boom, but it’s all new. There are two pieces: one with the glasses down and one with them up. Jubilee wore them both ways pretty consistently, so the option is definitely appreciated. Both pieces are quite nicely sculpted. The glasses are straight and symmetrical and the hair has a nice dynamic flow to it.

Jubilee&Dest3 Jubilee&Dest5 Jubilee&Dest4

Jubilee’s paint is a bit on the spotty side. The detail lines are all clean, especially on the face, so that’s alright. The real issue is on the breaks between the yellow and blue portions of the costume, which are really sloppy. She also has the same belt buckle issue as the rest of this series’ X-Men, but at least they’re consistent.

In addition to the spare hairpiece, Jubilee includes a pair of energy pieces to clip on her hands and a clear display stand.

Jubilee has a few issues with paint, but otherwise she’s a pretty decent version of a fairly essential member of the 90s X-Men.


MMC Score – 7.5 out of 10




Destiny was a longtime member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, but she’s been entirely absent from the world of toys. So, this is not only her first ever Minimate, but also her first ever action figure, period. That’s pretty nifty.

Jubilee&Dest8 Jubilee&Dest10 Jubilee&Dest9

Destiny features two additional sculpted parts: her mask and her cape. The mask s the same simple mask piece we’ve seen so many times before. It does the job alright, but I wouldn’t have minded getting a mask that replicated Destiny’s more distinctive head shape. The cape is the same as that seen on the AvX boxed set’s Scarlet Witch. It’s a nice piece with a simple but elegant flow to it.

Destiny’s paint is much nicer than Jubilee’s. The colors are great, and everything stays where it’s supposed to. Under the mask, there’s a fully detailed face, which features a ton of line work, effectively conveying the elderly Destiny.


Destiny is packed with a spare hairpiece (re-used from Wave 45’s Maria Hill) and a clear display stand.

Destiny steps things up in terms of quality, which is nice. She’s not the most exciting figure ever made, but it’s cool to finally have her.


MMC Score – 8 out of 10


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Review and pictures by Glantern.

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