We’ve seen some promo figures for the Battle Beasts line for the past few years but now the new waves are finally out in the wild! You better catch ’em before they slither away…




The packaging is the blister card pack showcasing the figures and accessories. And the top of the card has the large Battle Beasts logo with several of the characters from the comics. The pack has an insert with the Minimates logo along with headshots of each of the characters on either side. The back shows all the figures in this wave along with short bio of each of the two characters included.  


The Figures



I haven’t had a chance yet to read any of the new comics but they look very interesting. Here’s Strictus bio from the back: Strictus is a member of the band of mercenaries led by the giant scorpion Vachonus. A desert creature like his comrades, he is most at home in warm environments, but is equally deadly wherever he goes.

BBsbr03 BBsbr05 

His head is a new highly detailed sculpted curved snake headpiece with nice armor detail on the back of his neck. The paint apps on both figures are top notch and you’ll notice these LCS versions have a bit of sparkle mixed in too. This version goes with a lighter green for his skin tone.

BBsbr08  BBsbr04

Strictus has an armored grey torso cover with a green fur-looking shoulder pads. On the back of this cover are two peg holes that his weapons fit into. And as an added bonus underneath on his main torso are chest details for the start of his snake underbelly. He also has two grey bracelets that match the rest of his armor. His lower body is a new sculpted snake tail that coils around in a loop with little rattlesnake rattle at the end. I love the details for diamond back. The tail is also looped in such a way that he stays nicely balanced.


For accessories he comes with a long sword blade and a shorter sword blade that fit together at the handle to make one large double bladed staff; very cool!  This is also a great figure for customs. His snake body I’m sure will be used for countless Medusa creations. His armor alone makes great fodder for bulking up other warriors. And another great feature of this Battle Beasts line (along with all the other minimate lines too) is you can mix and match parts of these creatures to create your own Battle Beast.


He was one of the figures I was most looking forward to when this line-up was announced and he fully lives up to my expectation. The only reason I’m docking him one point is I like his TRU counterpart’s color better.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Bliss Reynolds


What’s this, a human amongst the beasts?? Yes in the new Battle Beasts series there are humans. This is Bliss Reynolds (no relation to Ryan or those nice people that make tin foil) and here’s her bio: A linguist at the Department of Defense, Bliss translated the scrolls found alongside the Praxis of Hope. Upon speaking aloud the activation phrase, she alerted beasts everywhere to the location of earth.

BBsbr11 BBsbr12 

Bliss has a fairly simple looking female face and a very well done detailed new hairpiece, sort of this large ponytail pulled to the back. The reason it stands out to me is because my daughter is wearing her hair like this now too.

BBsbr13 BBsbr14 BBsbr15 

She has a long bright red jacket which all I can think of when I see it is “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”. Underneath is a black and grey striped shirt that has the stripe detailed continuously all the way around the torso; not many figures get that much all around detail. They’ve also included a spare pair of black and grey striped arms to swap out with her red ones. Bliss has a long black skirt with a little bit of blue highlights on the front. Black legs and feet with a small line of red paint around the bottom for her shoes complete her outfit.

BBsbr16 BBsbr17BBsbr20 BBsbr21 BBsbr22 

For accessories she comes with this gold and light blue gauntlet called the dread weapon (again not reading the comics yet, I’m not sure it’s meaning). Its palm is turned upward and fits into a beautifully sculpted transparent blue energy flame shield; there’s even an outline in the energy flame for where the gauntlet hand fits. You’re also going to need the included clear circular base when using the energy shield as the weight tends to make Bliss fall forward. I really love this accessory, not so much for Bliss but it is going to make a great magic flame look for Dr Strange. So many extras and usable parts from this figure it’s amazing. Seriously we’re one large red fedora away from a simple Carmen Sandiego quick custom.

BBsbr19 BBsbr23 

In all honesty I initially had little to no interest in the human figures from this line. But after seeing her in hand this is arguable one of the best female human figures we’ve ever had.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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