Marvel Wave 14 is a series comprising some of the key characters from the X-Men – The Last Stand film. In this set we have Storm, longtime member of the X-Men, and Colossus, a surprise choice given that he didn’t have a lot to do in the film.


The box is the new size (much bigger) box with the extended card back ending in a ‘J’ hook. The figures inside are represented by photographs of the ‘mates in static poses against a background detail of the X3 logo.

The back of the box feature a large group shot of the entire wave plus variant.


The Figures

Storm (X-Men 3: The Last Stand)


The first Minimate in this set is Storm, as portrayed in all 3 X-Men movies by Halle Berry. We have had two versions of this character before, an Ultimate X-Men version in wave 3, and also Storm in her classic costume which was part of the Giant-Sized X-Men set.


First impressions are that much like Halle Berry this Storm is very cute. Though that’s where the resemblance ends, it doesn’t really look like Halle Berry. Having said that it is still recognizably Storm from X3, helped in no small part by the new hairpiece which reflects Storm’s shorter hairdo from that film.


The costume is very well done. From the black highlights that pick out Storm’s figure, to the silver/grey accents of the uniform itself. Storm’s cape is also new. It’s a pleasure to see DST commissioning ‘mates with new parts rather than constantly seeing what they can get away with re-using. The only gripe that I, and probably quite a few Minimate fans have concerns Storm’s gloves. Another newly created piece but what exactly are they trying to convey here? They look like oven gloves and spoil what is otherwise a really well executed Minimate costume.


Storm doesn’t have any accessories but in common with most of the current ‘mates she has the C3 feet and peghole in the head.

In conclusion, taken in context it’s a nice Minimate which is slightly marred by overlarge hand/glove piece.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10



Colossus (X-Men 3: The Last Stand)


One L. Colossus is spelled with one L. That’s one L, not two. This is the third Colossus in the Marvel line. The first was issued with the Giant-Sized X-Men set. The second, one wave ago in Marvel Wave 13. Both of those figures were good. This one? Not so good. The face itself is great. It’s silver and moody, but not bald so it must be Colossus and not Silver Surfer.


You know what’s wrong don’t you? Yes, it’s the hair! What were they thinking? In this instance you could forgive DST a bit of part re-use. Sticking the hairpiece from the other Colossus’ (colossi?) and re-colouring it would have been more than acceptable. Instead they created a new piece but it’s too damn big! It swamps his head, and aesthetically it ruins the figure.


The costume is fine if not a little bland, but that’s because it’s based on the movie continuity Colossus, rather than the vibrant red and yellow costume he sports in the comics. The silver highlights work well, especially around the ‘X’ on his chest. Another difference to the comic version is the lack of lines on the arms.

Like his other two previous Minimates, Colossus comes with no accessories. He has C3 feet, and the regular peghole in the head.

In conclusion, this figure should have been a lot better. For me the hairpiece ruins what could have been a good standard type Minimate. 

MMC Score – 4 out of 10


Review and pictures by Stewart Kay

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