Here we have a pack containing the Ghost Rider, and Wave 6’s chase figure, Stealth Iron Man. As I have already reviewed Ghost Rider this review will concentrate only on Stealth Iron Man.


The packaging is the now-usual Marvel Minimates box as seen in waves 4 and 5. It features the Marvel Universe logo and also has the faces on the side of the box. Also in keeping with waves 4 and 5, the chase figure is clearly identified, with box artwork (that is mirrored because the palm laser is on the wrong hand) and the picture shows off a “VARIANT ENCLOSED” banner on the corner of the box front.


The Figures

Stealth Iron Man


The wave 6 chase figure is Stealth Iron Man, who instead of his normal yellow and red look, has a dark blue suit of armour.


This version of Iron Man is identical to the normal wave 6 version apart from the colours, which is OK as the first Iron Man was a very solid figure. Actually, it’s not quite identical, as it’s missing some of the shadow detailing on the arms that the original figure has. The detailing on the legs is present though, which is strange.


The dark blue colouring does make it look very different visually to the much brighter first one, although the muted colours make it harder to see the black detailing lines.

StealthIronMan6 StealthIronMan5 StealthIronMan7

Just like the first Iron Man, this Stealth version has a hairpiece to use when the helmet is off. The prototype version of the hairpiece was a dark plue colour rather than the same black as the first figure. However, again just like the first one, the helmet is a real pain to remove as it’s simply too small for the head block.

StealthIronMan3 StealthIronMan4 StealthIronMan9

Overall, I prefer the yellow and red Iron Man to this version, purely because I feel those colours represent the character better. However, it’s an interesting version of a good figure, and so is recommended.

MMC Score – 10 out of 10



Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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