Here we have a pack containing your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, and the unhinged symbiote Carnage.


The packaging features the Spider-Man logo along the side of the card. The figures are packed in a bubble tray, and have twist-ties holding them in, as well as clear elastic bands holding their arms to their sides.

The figures look good in the package, Spider-Man’s colours are bright and vibrant, whilst Carnage is a little more muted, but does come with the accessory clearly visible.


The Figures



First up, we have everyone’s favourite web-slinger, Spider-Man. I’m not going to beat around the bush. This figure is absolutely fantastic. The mask looks great, with the two wide, white eyes staring back at you.


The paint application is very complex by Minimate standards, with lots of intricate detailing on the webbing, but all of it is very crisp and clear. He has his black spider-logo on the front of his outfit and a red one on his back. They are captured perfectly. The red and blue are the ideal shades, and overall this figure looks exactly like it should do. The essence of Spider-Man has really been caught with this figure.


Spider-Man comes with a grey web-line that he can hold in his hand. This web-line has a hook on one hand that he can use to attach to things. It’s a very fun accessory and works well with the figure. Spider-man has no accessories on his body, which means that all 14 of his articulation points are usable.

Overall, as I said at the start of the review, Spider-Man is perfect. He IS the wallcrawler shrunk down into Minimate form.

MMC Score – 10 out of 10





The second figure in the set is Carnage, the symbiote spawn of Venom who bonded with the insane murderer Cletus Kasady. Check out the manic grin on the face of Carnage. It’s well painted on, and looks very scary and evil. Any other Minimate would have a hard time being in a pack with Spidey due to his level of detail and overall greatness (as described above). Carnage does more than match Spidey, he’s even better.

Carnage4 Carnage3

Carnage is covered with a thick, black residue that looks incredible on this small-scale figure. The pattern follows from head to toe, with the design running over his sides and back too. It’s an awesome paint job, the best I’ve seen on a Marvel Minimate thus far – both in terms of precision and detail, and really sets the figure up as something very special.

Carnage has a very cool accessory – interchangable hands. He has a “normal” hand, which is still different from a usual Minimates in that it is has 3 clawed fingers. He also has a larger hand, with longer claws, and finally a hand that is shaped like a bladed weapon. These accessories mimic Carnage’s abilities perfectly, and make the figure very imposing. They add strength to the figure without making him bulky – he appears tall and thin and menacing with the alternate hands.


Overall, Carnage is a fantastic figure, the amount of detail on the paint job is amazing and his accessories fit with the character very well. He is definitely a worthy companion to Spider-Man, and if you only ever pick up one DST 2-Pack, I’d recommend this one highly. 

MMC Score – 10 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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