Today is “Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work” Day, so to give me a hand with her second minimate set review, I have my daughter Emma with me. We’ll be reviewing the Spider-Man vs Chris Redfield set that is released in both LCS and TRU wave 2. 


The box is the same setup that we’ve seen for the entire Marvel vs Capcom series with the expanded window to see inside. Bio on the back with all the characters and control art on the side.
Emma: Shouldn’t we be playing the [MvC3] game so we know if they did the minimates right?
No, we’re really supposed to be doing work.
But we’re reviewing toys, we’re not really working!
…. let’s take a look at the figures shall we.


The Figures



Spider-Man has had many minimate releases and by now most everyone should know his story. He has also been a constant in the Marvel vs Capcom videogame series and rightly so since he’s probably the most well-known Marvel super hero of all.
He’s more famous than Hulk and Wolverine?
Yes, I would say that he is better known across the world than those two.
But who would win if Hulk, Wolverine and Spider-Man were in a battle?
Batman would win.
Back to Spidey, this is his classic costume look. Although we’ve seen similar versions done previously, this has its own variation. The design is the same as Spidey from the Modern Heroic box set but this one goes with the classic lighter blue and bright red colors. Also he has larger eyes and the spider on his back has thinner legs.
I like that spider [on the back], it looks cute. Did they forget to paint his webs on his back?
No, the webs on his back and insides of his legs have been left out. Probably to keep the costs of the figures down. Although the rest of the face, torso and web detail have been done very well, the lines are very crisp and really stand out nicely on this figure.
Now we get to talk about his yellow slide and web rope. Why does he have a slide when he swings around on webs? The web rope is really cool, you can wrap it around bad guys or have him hang from the top of your desk.
Along with the clear base stand that has come with each of the MvC3 sets, Spider-Man comes with a yellow flip base and webline. I agree the flip base is a bit odd for Spidey but in the game he has does flips and moves that perhaps they were aiming to recreate with this slide.
In conclusion, another good Spider-Man to add to your expanding collection.
Since you already have some Spider-Man’s like him, do I get to keep this?
We’ll see. What do think of this figure?
I like him! Everyone should have a Spider-Man!

MMC Score – 8 out of 10

Emma’s Score – 9 out of 10


Chris Redfield

Capcom’s Resident Evil alumni Chris Redfield has seen his fill of zombies. He along with Jill Valentine was the main characters in the first Resident Evil game. He gets a break from the undead to do battle for the first time in MvC3.
So is he a zombie? He looks like a soldier.
He’s a good guy. In the game he is part of the STARS team that takes on the zombies so he has that military look. His hairpiece also includes his earpiece/communicator. He has an intense look on his face with a bit of unshaven detail on his chin.
He looks angry.
Wouldn’t you be if you had to fight zombies all day?
No, there is no such thing as zombies.
True. Chris has a new highly detailed shoulder harness that on the back has a little pouch and peg to attach his knife with sheath. His green shirt torso has some details on it but what’s really neat is the patch on his shoulders with the STARS Racoon City logo. He has another well detailed belt that matches up with his harness along with a gun holster for his leg. I also like the details for his knee pads that do wrap around to the back on his legs; it’s a nice touch to his outfit. Here, unlike C Viper shoes, the two tone on his feet look pretty good, more like military boots.
We have to talk about all his guns. He has a ton of them. How does he carry all of them?
He does come with a lot of weapons: large knife in sheath, shotgun, black pistol and silver handgun. The knife fits well on the harness peg and his black pistol fits in his leg holster, which leaves him holding his handgun and shotgun. Extra weapons are always a welcome sight to minimate collectors and customizers.
So what do you think of Chris Redfield.
He’s ok, but if he’s really a good guy he should not be fighting against Spider-Man.
Teaming up together would be a better idea. He is a welcome sight to Resident Evil fans and with all his extras he makes for another good minimate to add to your collection.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10

Emma’s Score – 6 out of 10


Review and pictures by Lurch77 and Emma

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